More and more people have started to realize how having their own business is better than a typical 9 to 5 job. Apart from the freedom of making choices, the authority of taking the decisions they think are right are enough to give a sense of power. Thanks to the popularity of various social media platforms, these aspiring entrepreneurs have gotten a platform where they can make a start. And even bigger thanks to online tools like Turbologo that make the journey for beginners a lot easier.

While many people may have excellent ideas, not everyone has a great marketing sense. Good marketing skills are what helps a business stand out among its competitors.

With more and more small-scale businesses springing up, different tools are also coming into existence, that help these businesses make a strong mark from day 1.

One of the most important factors for any business is its logo. A logo is the ultimate representation of any business. Therefore, any business needs to work on creating an eye-catching logo!

If you’re also working on a business idea and are wondering how can you get a logo made without having to pay a graphic designer a fancy amount, you’ll be thrilled to know that there is a tool that can help you create a logo of your choice by yourself – Turbologo.

Turbologo – An Introduction


Many large and small-scaled businesses have relied on onTurbologo and designed the best logos themselves. Turbologo is an online logo creator that allows you to make a logo with zero hassle, and that too, in no time.

How Does It Work?

Using Turbologo is super-easy. Once you open the site, you will see a big blue button ‘Make a Logo’ right on the top of the page. Clicking on it will take you through several steps, following which will help you create a logo according to your preferences.

After you click on the ‘Make a logo’ button, the website will ask for some essential information including the name of your brand and suitable color and font. You would then be presented with various samples. Well, it just not ends here!


You can choose your favorite one and modify it according to how you want it. You can keep editing the patterns, layouts, icons, and fonts until you get the one that satisfies you. After you finalize one, you will be presented with several files— save them all!

Features Of Turbologo


This logo maker has been gaining massive popularity over the years for all the right reasons. The major reasons why it is becoming everyone’s favorite are its unique and user-friendly features which make this logo generator everybody’s first choice. Some of the most prominent features are listed below:

  • It’s the right spot for a person even with zero graphic skills.
  • It’s is very affordable. Creating a logo and customizing different samples are absolutely free until you, at last, finalize one; that’s when you would have to pay a price, that too super cheap.
  • It has an extremely good user interface which makes this logo generator feasibly accessible.
  • Samples will not take weeks not even days but just a few minutes to appear on your screen.
  • There is a team of experienced professionals behind this logo maker that goes the extra mile in designing templates to get you high-quality images; no pre-created images are shown to you but the ones specifically generated for your brand.

  • Designs could be available in two formats: SVG and PNG respectively.
  • Vector format (SVG)–printable on any surface(T-shirts, caps, etc.) and web purposes.
  • PNG format–for onscreen purposes.
  • A set of related corporate documents is made available to you.
  • Images are provided for social networks to create an impression of your brand.
  • Favicons of more or less 5 sizes are made available for your website.
  • You can get exceptional watermarks using this service.
  • You are provided constant support and all your queries will be answered instantly, without you spending a dime. As mentioned previously, you will have to pay only in the end just to get the final files; all the experimentation is absolutely free.

Closing Word

Turbologo offers a great many samples which you can further customize according to your requirements. If, in the end, you are still not satisfied, which is highly unlikely, you will have the option of manual assistance from the team. So, start designing the logo for your start-up right away and get going!