Mobile game mods are basically modified versions of the original mobile games. A mod is a version of the game that is coded in a way that unlocks every single paid feature of the actual game.

This is one of the main reasons why mod apk games are fast gaining popularity all over the world – irrespective of whether they’re played on Android or iOS.

It is important to understand that these versions of the games are usually hacked versions, which is why you might have to download additional files or extensions to download them.

There are tools such as XmodGames which allow you to apply various different mods to the games which are available on the Apple Store, thereby making the whole gaming experience more thrilling and fun!

Which are some of the most popular games that can be played using mod on iOS?

Some of the most well-known games which are available in mod versions are –Plants vs. Zombies 2, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Subway Surfer, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Real Racing 3, and Minecraft PE.

Using the mod tool, you can easily achieve goals that would have required you to spend money on different games. Also, the best part about download such software is that they’re all quite trustworthy so you can rest assured that your mobile won’t be attacked by any malicious viruses.

How does the mod tool work with regards to Android phones?

A mod tool in an Android phone is quite similar to that of an iOS device. Here too downloading a good mod software or tool ensure that you are able to get access to all the paid features of a game and also ensures that your phone isn’t attacked by any virus or malware.

Also, having a mod tool ensures that you are able to download a particular game directly from the web even if it isn’t available on the Play Store. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Is it true that Mod APKs are actually quite safe?

Modified mobile apps or Mods APKs as they are known as is actually not developed by any original creator or original app. Instead, it is put together by some other entity. While this can be an individual, it can also be a group of coders.

A mod APKs is usually considered an ideal alternative for those who can’t hefty sums to enjoy a good game or two.

However, there are a few things you absolutely need to keep in mind when looking to download a good Mod APKs. Most importantly, never opt to download a server tool from any outside source, other than from the official Google Play Store.

The reason behind this is much fold. For starters, you don’t know what kind of malware might be present in an external source app.

Secondly, you’ll notice that sometimes when you try to download an external file, your phone too shots out a warning – it is necessary that you take this warning seriously because your phone’s security might get breached after downloading the app.

Thus, downloading unknown software from an unknown source might result in data breaches as well, which is definitely too big a price to pay for a game. So, always remember to consider these factors in mind.

Almost every single game which you see online has a MOD APKs version to it, but it all boils down to the application you’re using to download the specific version.

Always remember to do a double-check, in order to ensure that you’re opting for the correct software which won’t cause any issues to your phone in the long run. Also, you may also come across games that are not available on the Google Play Store but are available online on the web.

You can also choose to download the mod APK version of a game from any other source and run it through an anti-virus scanner on your phone.

Why Would It Be Necessary To Have A Tool Like Xmodgames?

The reason it is important to have a software or tool like XmodGames is that – using this, you need not worry about downloading any malware into your phone. In order to use this, all you need to do is – launch the app on your phone from your home screen and then select the game you would like to add a mod version too.

If the game you are choosing is supported by the software then you will see it in the ‘My games’ section of the XmodGames app.

Once it is visible there, all you will have to do is –you’ll have to tap on the game and then on the next screen click on the install button. Here, you’ll also get to see the description of the mod, which will tell you what it will do to the game. From here you can directly launch the game as well, by simply tapping on the ‘launch’ option.

What else can such tools do?

Other than helping you to check out your existing library of games that have mods available in them, this app also allows you to check out the games which are previously installed in them.

From here, you can also discover specific apps that can easily run on the mod too, and then look to download them on your device.


The fun thing about MOD APKs game versions is that you get to enjoy every single benefit for free, which you might have needed to pay for. While this might not seem like too much of a benefit, there are certain other additional features too, which you can only enjoy if you have a premier version of the particular game with you.

Thus, to put all your gaming worries to rest, make sure you download a good MOD APKs and enjoy the world of unlimited gaming filled with extra thrill and fun, every single day! Good luck!