If you have ever been to trade shows and collected all the goodies and gifts, you would know the importance of these promotional items. But if you haven’t, then let us tell you that these promotional gifts are one of the best ways to market your product or business.

According to a survey, it was revealed that almost 85% of people who receive promotional products opt for doing business with that company and 88% remember them.

This survey is itself enough to prove the usefulness of this strategy but to give you more insight into its importance, we are covering a few of its pros in this article so keep reading on.

Customer loyalty

Be it your customers or clients, when you give out promotional gifts to them, it makes them believe that they are well respected and valued. This automatically increases their loyalty as they would want to come back to you in the future again because they feel a sense of connection with you.

Affordable marketing strategy

All the other forms of marketing strategies such as magazines or newspaper ads and online advertisements are a bit costly as compared to promotional gifts. Mugs, custom promotional tote bags, or pens are something that you can easily purchase in bulk and create a much lasting impression than the other marketing ways.

Lasting relationship 

When you give gifts to your friends and family, it enhances your relationship with them. The same is the case here when you bond with your clients by giving them gifts either after your meeting with them or at some conference, it helps in building a relationship that goes a long way.

Why is it? Because they have something with them constantly that reminds them of your brand. So it is always wise to give such things as promotional gifts which hold a practical value and can be used regularly.

Increased exposure

Promotional merchandise also increases your brand’s exposure as whenever the customer will use the gift in front of someone else, they will notice the product and will eventually get to know about your product. So again, giving something that can be used daily, is a good way to increase your brand’s exposure by tenfold.

Create branding

Since branding is about creating the name of your brand in form of symbols and designs, promotional merchandise serves as the best tool for doing that. When you customize these merchandise and have your company’s logo printed on it, the product will create branding in the customer’s mind.

Emotional connection

Many promotional merchandises also develop an emotional connection among customers with the product. For example, if you give out a free gift with your product, the customers associate that gift with that product which helps in enhancing its value.

Once the emotional connection created, the bond between your brand and your customers gets stronger and is more likely to be permanent.

In the end, if you truly want to reap all these benefits of promotional product marketing, you have to make sure that the merchandise you are keeping as a gift is practical and reusable.