Study Medicine in Europe
Study Medicine in Europe

Nowadays, more and more British students look for their options of studying medicine in Europe. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s extremely hard to get admitted to medical school in the UK. There are cases when even A* students cannot find their place in the desired university. This has forced them to take measures into their own hands and look for opportunities elsewhere.

The thing is that grades are not the only thing that matter with such a narrow acceptance mechanism. Students are considered for other reasons too which aren’t to be stated in this article.

Sahid Aden is a student who has decided to study medicine in Europe in English after he had failed 3 times to get admitted to medical university in the UK. Before he left for Europe he said: “I have high school friends who will be graduating from their degrees soon and I still haven’t got the chance to pursue what I desire.”

Now he is a fulfilled medical student at the University of Carol Davilla in Bucharest. Romania is proud of its medical schools, which have an astounding reputation worldwide. In fact, there is a huge community of medical doctors and dentists back in the UK who are also considered to be the best in their field of expertise. This has altogether led Sahid to choose Bucharest as his home for the next 6 years until he completes his degree. After graduation, he is allowed to go back to the island and begin working or specialising right away.

Some other students embrace the opportunity to become doctors in 4 years by studying graduate medicine in Europe.

Living Costs

These, as well as tuition fees, are much lower than in the UK. However, in this case, price is not a measure of quality. Tuition fees are actually set from the country’s government and are in close relation to the places available and the designated budget.

Living costs in Romania, for example, range between £300 and £500 per month which really leaves us with nothing more to say. In some cases, you can’t even pay your rent with this money back in the UK.

Why Hesitate?

Some students are indeed scared to study abroad for one or another reason but it’s mainly due to the fact that they are in their own comfort zone at home and not because they are going to face any major problems or dangers in Europe. Just think about how many foreign students flock to study in the UK annually, they are simply embracing change and looking to change their lives for the better.

The students that have decided to pursue the medical profession are all motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about their dream. Nothing has stopped them from being themselves and this is why studying medicine or dentistry in Europe is becoming increasingly popular over the past few years.

Although Brexit is coming and is generally a bad thing in almost every aspect it is actually a GREAT thing and opportunity for British students who decide to study medicine abroad. This would force the implementation of a new test which all medical graduates will have to sit no matter if they’ve completed their degree in the UK or anywhere else in Europe. This way, graduates from Central and Western Europe would be put on a pedestal among other British doctors.