Planning your dream vacation this year? Many people opt to go to distant yet peaceful islands for vacations. Some of them even prefer buying their own condos so that when they visit their vacation destination, they don’t have to worry about which place to stay.

If you are also contemplating a vacation this year and want to buy a condo on an Island, then here are our recommendations:

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1. Maui

Maui is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Hawaiian state. It’s an island with beautiful beaches, natural history, and wildlife. If you plan on visiting Maui then visit Best Condos for Sale on Maui and find out one for yourself.

Unlike some vacation islands which are either immensely expensive or quite cheap, Maui falls under the affordable category when it comes to assessing its expenses.

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2. Kauai

Kauai is another beautiful Hawaiian Island known for its abundant waterfalls and large rainforest. It is also called ‘the Garden Isle’ because most of its land is covered by the tropical forest. Kauai is also known for its beaches and Kalalau hiking trail. This island has much to offer its visitors. You can buy a condo in Kauai easily.

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3. Ambergris Caye

A vacation destination in the Caribbean, Ambergris Caye, is an Island in Belize. It is known for sights such as Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Belize Barrier Reef. The island has other sights worth seeing too along with beautiful beaches, that are full of beautiful sea life.

The island’s main language is English and consists of all basic facilities such as electricity, internet, etc. People planning on a vacation to this Caribbean Island can easily book themselves a condo.

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4. Roatan

Roatan is also a Caribbean island, located off the coast of Honduras. The island offers sea life, scuba diving, water sports and cruising opportunities for those who visit it. The prices of condos fall in an affordable range and vacationers with a low budget can also buy a condo there.

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5. Oahu

Oahu is a Hawaiian Island that has numerous sights worth seeing. These include the iconic Pearl Harbor World War 2 site, Chinatown, and the Punchbowl. Other famous sites and activities include beaches, bars, restaurants, and lively nightlife.

No wonder Oahu is an expensive place to go for a holiday. Vacationers can buy condos and apartments on the island with a little help from the locals and authorities.


Holidays are a good way to ease stress and spend some quality family time. Buying a condo of your own makes it even more feasible for the family to relax on their vacation and move without time restraints.

So, if you are also planning a vacation to any of the Islands and want to buy a condo, Google online, or click on the link given above. However, that link offers condo purchase information specifically for Maui Island. If you are planning to go to any other island for a vacation, then check with the local condo buying guides for proper information.