Do you ever feel like you never have enough time? You go to work, catch up with friends, make dinner, flick on the TV, maybe clean. There might be days when you climb into bed and realize you haven’t really stopped. While you may think you’re being productive, but you’re forgetting something vital. When was the last time you actively made time for yourself in the week? It’s so important to look after yourself, you just need to find what works for you.

Comfortable in Your Skin

The relationship you have with yourself is the important one you have in your whole life. However, it can be one of the most complicated. You talk to yourself the way you would never talk to a loved one, and sometimes yours is the last face you want to see. You don’t have to immediately fall in love with yourself but baby steps can bring you forward in your relationship. Look in the mirror and comment on one good thing about yourself. Dress in what makes you feel confident. Exercise to celebrate your body, not to lose weight. You want a healthy relationship in your own skin. Take it one step at a time.

Try a Craft

Maybe you think of your unwinding time as sitting down in the front of the TV and switching off from the world. It’s totally fine to do this here and there. However, if you want to actively look after your mind more, you should try a craft. It’s been shown that crafts can help reduce anxiety and help you feel more positive. You could try a few different things and see what works for you. Knitting could be a good one to start within the lead up to winter. What sort of crafts would you like to try?

Take a Breath

There will be days when you don’t really feel like investing in yourself. Those kinds where you just want to curl up in bed and not really move. During those times it’s important you don’t beat yourself up. You need to be kind to yourself. Sometimes you just need to sit back, pause, and focusing on your breathing. You might be amazed at the difference it makes.

Whether you want to start tackling exercise or just need to take a moment in the week to breathe – it’s always important to invest time in yourself. What do you do to take active care of yourself?