The most important thing for any business is the relationship with its customers. A business should be able to manage this relationship effectively in order to build customer loyalty. The greater the customer loyalty, the higher will be the revenue returns.

Back in the old days, companies maintained an extensive record of its customers. Piles of files were stacked in full-wall cabinets. If there ever was a need to retrieve information on any particular customer, the personnel had to dig into these files and spend hours on the task before they had what was required in hand. However, things have changed today.

With technological advancements in nearly everything, managing customer relationships has been made simpler with the development of Customer Relation Management (CRM) Systems. If you need a CRM built with custom software, let Ecodelogic create a CRM that is secure, flexible, and makes your day-to-day operations easier.

What Is A CRM System?

CRM is a system that manages the interactions and relationships with potential and loyal customers for the company. The goal of a CRM system is rather simple: improve the relationship between the business and its customers. With the help of this system, companies are able to streamline processes, stay connected to its customers, and above all, improve its profitability.

CRM systems are equipped with the tools that a company may need to manage its contacts, sales, productivity, etc. CRM is basically a solution for the company that wishes to manage relationships with its suppliers, colleagues, service users, and of course, the customers, throughput the entire lifecycle. Starting from finding new potential customers, their conversions, and then satisfying them through support and any additional services they might need.

Building a Custom CRM System

You may opt for a ready-made CRM system, or you may get it custom-built. Building a CRM comes with numerous benefits. We have taken an opportunity to list down the reasons why you should consider getting a CRM for your business custom-built.

Saves Money

Ready-made CRM systems are very expensive. The business incurs these inflated costs to save their valuable time and hassle. Little do they realize that they might just be putting a significant amount of money at risk.

Ready-made CRM systems can be cumbersome and complicated, making it difficult for the company to bring it into functionality. The purpose of a custom CRM is to get a CRM system built as per the needs of your business. Although, building a custom CRM system seems daunting but what could be better than having a system built to meet the needs of your system specifically? With a custom-built CRM, you save all the money that would have most likely gone to waste if you had opted for a ready-made CRM system.

Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs

A pre-built CRM system may seem extremely appealing. They are equipped with fancy features and functions, but what is the use of these features if they are not useful for your business? The features of a pre-built CRM may be exceptionally good, but the system will be of no real use to your business if it does not match the workflow of your company. You may get intrigued by the number of features you see on paper, but once you implement it, you are destined to disappointment.

Building a CRM to meet all the needs of your business is the best thing to do. A custom CRM is tailor-made to cater to your business needs and support the process workflow that your company follows.

Saves Valuable Work Hours

When you implement the CRM system that was pre-built, you will have to dedicate a significant chunk of your valuable work hours to educating and training the staff. Like we mentioned earlier, ready-made CRM systems are complicated, and it will be a while before your staff is able to navigate through it seamlessly.

However, when you build a CRM system as per your needs, your staff would be able to familiarize with the sections, terminologies, and the process flows with more ease and in less time, saving a lot of time which they can then put into expanding the customer base and strengthening customer relations.

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Better Integration of Business Operations

The key to a smooth process workflow is the integration of all business operations. The better the integration of all departments, the better will be the inter-departmental coordination. The more coordinated the operations are, the better the final results will be.

When you implement a ready-made CRM system, it will not be made to support the operations and the departments of your business. However, a custom CRM system will not only ensure seamless integration between departments but a smooth process flow and higher productivity.


When you purchase a ready-made CRM system, it may seem sufficient for the present, but as your business grows, your needs may change too, and with that, you will need upgrades in the CRM system. You will need to ask the developer to make the required upgrades. Developers are more responsive to industry giants, and if you own a rather small-scale business, you will have to struggle to get system enhancements.

Having your custom CRM, you get limitless flexibility to make any changes you want at any time. You are always in contact with the developers and getting changes, enhancements, or alterations is quick and hassle-free.

Data Security

Most of the ready-made CRM systems are free and open-source. This means your data stored on the CRM system can be downloaded by anyone. Your data is always under the threat of a security breach. Building a CRM that is custom-made will keep your data protected and safe from any fishery attacks. You can have any level of your security integrated with as many security checks as you wish.

Building a CRM has a visible edge over buying a pre-built CRM system. It not only helps your business but also offers you peace of mind. So, if you are considering switching to a CRM system for managing customer relations, we suggest you build a CRM rather than buying one.