Cleaning and disinfecting any property before moving was always a key priority. However, with the advent of coronavirus, this has become even more imperative. If you are moving amid the pandemic, you need to ensure that your move is safe and so is your house for your family to stay protected from the pathogen.

Moving Apt, a platform enabling clients to find the best moving company, states that people have become more and more concerned about their safety while moving houses. This concern has grown even bigger with the contagious virus out in open. Luckily, there are a number of ways one can ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of the property to make their move safer in the context of pathogens.

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting:

Often people use cleaning and disinfecting as a substitute which is wrong. As per the CDC guidelines, cleaning is the process of removing dirt and debris from the surfaces of the house and items in it whereas disinfecting is a process that works towards the reduction or killing of pathogens on these surfaces.

Both the processes are closely related and must be carried out one after another; thorough cleaning and then disinfection. While cleaning the house was always important, the outbreak of the contagious virus has made disinfection equally important.

The new homeowners must ensure that they are thoroughly clean and disinfect their house using CDC approved cleaning agents and disinfectants and achieve 99.999% riddance from germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Some key cleaning and disinfection tips for a safe move:

You need to be very vigilant towards the cleaning and disinfection requirements of your property and belongings during the pandemic. While you maintain social distancing at all times, you must also ensure that you follow the cleaning and disinfection guidelines issued by the health and safety authorities.

Some key tips to follow for high safety from pathogens include:

  • Maintain proper stock of cleaning and disinfecting supplies:

Make sure you have high-quality home cleaners and disinfectants at a handy reach. It is recommended to use EPA-registered disinfectants like Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaners to ensure proper safety. You can also make some good disinfectants at home and use them frequently to clean and disinfect various surfaces in the house. Also make sure that you have a good stock of personal protective equipment like masks, rags, hand sanitizer, and hand soap. With all the supplies easily available, you can ensure that you take instant action on any breach in cleaning safety and sanitization.

  • When moving crew arrives, let the doors, windows, and cabinet open:

By now it is known to everyone that coronavirus spreads from droplets of human fluids and can survive on different surfaces for several hours. Touching surfaces like doors, windows, and cabinets which are termed as the high-touch areas can expose you to the risk of catching the infection. To avoid the contagion, you must keep the doors, windows, and cabinets open for the crew and make sure they do not touch any surface unnecessarily. Although the professionals will come wearing gloves for extra safety, keeping the doors, drawers, cabinets, and windows open, you can offer them great clearance.

  • Discuss safety requirements with the movers beforehand:

It is very important to discuss all the safety requirements with the movers beforehand. With effective communication, you can ensure that you get the best services from the moving company. Discuss all the safety precautions with the moving company and ensure that you and the company are on the same page.

Some key questions to ask the moving company include:

  • What are the social distancing measures that the company is taking?
  • What personal protective equipment are they using? Does it include masks and gloves?
  • Are the movers aware of the importance of good hygiene? What precautions will they take?

By communicating your expectations, you can ensure that you receive satisfactory services from the movers.

While moving a house is your key priority, you need to ensure that you work out a great plan with the movers. By discussing everything upfront and managing a god stock of cleaning and disinfection supplies you can manage the safety and sanitization requirements very easily.

Most of the moving companies have set new processes and procedures to ensure utmost sanitization while rendering services. Make sure you vet the company before you engage them and get the best benefits.