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We all like seeing a well-furnished home that screams luxury and style the moment you open the door. Yet, some people simply have neither the skill to make their home look jaw-dropping nor enough funds to hire an expert to do the job properly.

Luckily, there are some simple tips and tricks anyone can apply in order to make their home shine in an entirely fresh light. All of this doesn’t require a lot of money, so if you’re up for some home renovation, keep reading this text, as we’re about to uncover 10 ways in which your home can become more luxurious in no time!


The first step in making your home more stylish is decluttering. Make sure to get rid of everything that makes your rooms everything but luxurious — throw away broken items, unwanted gifts, or any bad looking thing you don’t find useful.

Add More Plants

Plants can immensely change the appearance of the room if you place them in the right corner. They add a sense of nature to the environment and make it more pleasant to spend time in. You can simply buy a bouquet of peonies and arrange it in a lovely vase, or buy any long-lasting plant that will make your home greener throughout the whole year.

Think About the Walls

Walls cover the highest percentage of every room’s surface and can make a room look better or ruin it completely. Choosing the right wall color and design can significantly influence the energy you’ll feel once you enter the room.

However, before painting the walls, you need to make sure they will be able to keep up with environmental changes, particularly in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom where water is all around. MGO boards can be a great assistant in this case, as these boards are both fire and water-resistant, and they are also environmentally safe.

Update Your Lighting

People often underestimate the influence of good lighting, and pretty often, it’s a single lamp that can make their living room more stylish. Replace your old-fashioned chandeliers and put the modern ones, and you’ll instantly notice an improvement in your room’s overall look.

Stick to Simplicity

If you know that you lack decorating skills, but you don’t have enough funds at the moment to hire someone to do the decorating for you, the best way is to stick to simplicity. Avoid buying unnecessary items that can’t be combined with the rest of the room just because they seem cute at the moment. Rather stay true to simple shapes and colors no matter what you’re buying. Although they might not look very nice on their own, they will look much better combined with similar items in your room.

Buy More Pillows

Many pillows on a couch can look very interesting, as they can break a monotonous design instantly. If you can’t paint the room right now, but you want a color change, simply buy many pillows in the color you want. In this way, the room will open up and look more bright, and also give you a chance to see whether you really want a particular color on your walls.

Get New Curtains

If you bought decorative pillows, changing the curtains is going to complement the previous advice just right. This change will bring the same result as adding more colorful pillows — it will contrast with often bland walls and make the room generally more appealing. Just make sure not to overdo it with vibrant colors — go with neutral ones and save all the creativity for the pillows.

Rely on Art

Except for being extremely valuable in the monetary sense, art can also add more value to your home in terms of style. Find a good painting, and you won’t have to do anything else to make a room stand out.

Buy Candles

In case you haven’t noticed, candles are always present in the homes rated as very luxurious. Nowadays, candles are not used only to illuminate the room — they are there to decorate it and make a room smell better. You can find candles in different shapes and sizes in almost any store you come across. Choose the adequate design and fill your room with these beautiful air-fresheners.

Look for Inspiration

Finally, before you do anything regarding home decor, take some time to get a cup of coffee and look for inspiration on the web. Create an idea in your head about how you want your home to look like, and then buy the things that match your vision. This will save you a lot of time and money, as you will follow the advice of people who know what they’re doing. In other words, it’ll be like you hired a professional, and they decorated your home absolutely free of charge!