If you are trying to create a strong brand for your business, there are a number of fundamentals you need to take care of. You need to ensure you have a catchy name, recognizable logo, and a strong social media presence. You need to respond to queries and complaints in a prompt and personal manner. And you need to send out newsletters and resources to keep your customer base up-to-date on how you are working for them.

But the most successful companies take branding to another level. These companies create brand loyalty, not just brand recognition.

How do you go about building brand loyalty? Here are 3 smart strategies to implement.

Offer personalized web hosting

One of the smartest methods of building brand loyalty is by offering personalized web hosting. Nearly every individual or business can benefit from building their own website. Providing the platform for them ensures that they are connected to your network for the long term. Furthermore, anyone who visits their website will be able to find information on your brand as well.

This does not mean you need to build your own web hosting provider. Rather, use a service like Verpex™ reseller hosting. Verpex provides completely white-labeled reseller packages. They do all the heavy lifting for you, providing your clients with reliable hosting that builds loyalty to your brand.

Invest in a useful app

Plenty of brands have mobile apps. They’re a great way of building your brand. However, many of these apps don’t offer much. Many clothing brands, for example, may provide an easy way to view their clothing and add it to a wishlist. But this functionality should be found on their websites as well, and having an app for this purpose just clutters up a customer’s mobile.

To really build brand loyalty, your app should not just be a novelty. Invest in creating an app that is actually useful in some way to your customers. A simple mobile shopping experience should be a start, but don’t stop there. Add fun features that bring your product or services into the person’s life.

To take our example above, an app for a clothing brand may offer the ability to mix and match different items of clothing to see how they will look like an outfit. This sort of functionality brings luster to your brand while facilitating sales.

Promote a lifestyle

The best brands build loyalty by providing a customer experience that goes beyond their products or services. They fit into and facilitate the lifestyle prospective customers want to live.

There are a number of ways to use technology to promote a lifestyle connected to your brand. You can use your social media channels to offer personalized guidance and advice from experts connected to your field. A company selling fitness clothing, for example, can get trainers and athletes to provide fitness tips.

Furthermore, you can partner with connected services to offer clients a broad lifestyle experience. That same company selling fitness clothing can offer discounts on training apps and programs, as well as special deals from brands selling training equipment.

Building brand loyalty takes more than basic branding practices. Use technology to your advantage and you will build a client base that is committed to your brand.