Rolex is one of the leading and recognized watch brands. Quality, durability, precision, and style are some of the terms attributed to this company. Rolex holds a great repute among people because of its technologically maintained and well-finished watches.

Over the years, Rolex has launched many watches keeping the trend of the respective era alive. They work on the precision of their watches without compromising on the style and luxury of their lineups.

They were the first to launch a water-resistant diver’s watch in 1953. Since then, numerous submariner watches have been launched by the company. The features of the submariners really align well with the practical needs of the divers. These submariner watches even work efficiently in sturdy water conditions. So if you’re about to buy a submariner’s watch, here’s a review of some of its features.

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Rolex has designed the submariner watches with Oyster to make them water-resistant. In the 1950s, the watch was particularly designed as a diver’s watch to be used at a distance of some meters underwater. Today, the new models of submariner show water resistance up to 300 meters that is nothing but incredible. The design gained popularity because it’s a blend of professional and sport look.

The dial of the watch is very catchy, having a contrast of black and white. This makes the dial easy to read. Along with this, it is luminescent and can be easily read in the dark (because in the depth of the sea, there is no light). The hour and hand indicator of the dial are also very unique and is made up of 18k white gold. The sleek design of this match makes it a good choice for watch lovers.

Due to the lovely design, we are sure most people will wear this watch often. Repeated use could lead to an accident that harms the watch. But worry not, you can find replacement parts for such a famous watch very easily. Many vendors sell high-quality watch parts that can help you restore the watch, one example is

The Movement

Rolex watches have maintained a very good repute in terms of longevity, accuracy, and good yet simple movements. The models of the submariner watch possess different movements that are more or less identical.

The Rolex Submariner models show automatic movements. They are equipped with caliber 3130 and caliber 3135 ensuring self-winding mechanical movements. The blue Parachrom hairspring fitted in them maintains the precision and stability in shocks and temperature variation.

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The Case

Today the watches are not only time-watching tools, but they are also more of a luxury item and Rolex knows it very well. So, along with better functionality and liability, they also concentrate on the looks of their watches.

The prime example is the case of submariner watches. They are made up of sapphire crystal with a coat of AR at the bottom. The application of the coat at the bottom rather than at the top makes the watch case reflective and shiny.

The purpose of a watch crystal is to protect the inner part of the watch. It is 40mm wide and the case back has no markings on it. Rolex uses 904L steel in its watch cases to make them more resistant to corrosion. These features make the submariner watches stand out.

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Watchbands or bracelets help in holding a watch to your wrist. Rolex has upgraded the bracelets for its newest submarine models. The most significant features of the upgraded bracelets are their profile and micro-adjustability. For many years, Rolex had been using three-link tapering steel bracelets for the dive watches. The tapering makes the bracelet more comfortable to wear and the case also looks a bit bigger with it.

In recent years, Rolex has made many improvements in their submariner’s bracelets to offer a clean profile. They have introduced the Glidelock adjustment system which means that the bracelet can be adjusted according to your wrist size. In other words, the bracelet can be re-sized according to one’s ease.

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The price of these diver’s watches has increased to an ambitious level over the years. The two models of submariner’s watches have different prices. The Date one is $ 8500 and the No Date one is $ 7500. When it comes to buying a watch, one must think that either it’s worth the money or not.

Considering the Rolex Submariner, the watch is definitely worth it. Rolex has never compromised on the quality, liability, and design of its watches. So it’s a good thought to invest in a classic, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant yet luxurious watch.


Watches have been used for many decades as a symbol of class and elegance. It’s safe to say that a watch can make or break your look. A watch like, Rolex Submariner is probably the best choice for swimming and diving enthusiasts. Its classic yet simple design signifies the aesthetic taste of the wearer.

The caliber mechanical movements of this watch ensure the high-precision time. The self-winding feature makes it convenient to use and adjust. This diver’s watch can be used for a longer time period because of its corrosion-resistant oyster case. It can also bear harsh environmental conditions because of its Cerachrom bezel. Considering all these qualities, this submariner watch is definitely a one-time investment. Investing in one luxury piece will be a timeless possession that you will cherish for decades.