When it comes to child protection and safety, we all know that as parents of young kids, we will take every step we deem important for protecting our children from falling into the wrong hands and activities that can plague their mental health for the rest of their lives.

While on one hand, we as parents are super concerned about our kids’ privacy, on the other hand, we do not want them to lag in today’s super-fast, advanced and technology-oriented world. We want them to have a fair share of technology this era has to offer them. To move out and venture into the real world is one thing, but to have access to the online world and its wonders at a young age is a completely different experience.

Our kids live in the new media age, and it is essential for them to be able to use the devices and technologies which this period is based on. However, by allowing them to access the virtual world of grand learning opportunities, interactive games, and making online friends, we are also exposing them to the dangers associated with it.


Since we are not left with much choice but to risk our kids’ safety and let them have the necessary experiences they need to cope up with the requirements of their times, we as parents will have to grant our children the permission to go online and interact. Even though it is risky, there are some child protection options available online for parents who want to protect their kids from bad experiences. There are companies which invest their time and energies in designing parental control apps, and Wondershare is out there doing the same.

Wondershare’s FamiSafe App is a popular choice among parents because of its advanced parental control options.


FamiSafe is a Parental Control Application which can easily be downloaded and installed on any device. Be it your PC, laptop, or smartphone; this app is compatible and accessible from all platforms easily. Simply go to the app store, search for it, and press download. After installation, set it up on your children’s phones and connect them to yours. Your kids are now protected, and you can enjoy some time for yourself without getting anxious about your kids’ online interactions.

The FamiSafe app has some remarkable features which make it stand out among other parental control apps. To begin with, FamiSafe uses Geo-fencing technology. As the term suggests, this technology puts fences around your kids’ online areas of operation and keeps a record of their online visits. Geo-fencing technology informs the FamiSafe app when your child enters or leaves a certain online area. Geo-fencing technology works with GPS/RFID technology of your device to prohibit your child from entering into websites and interacting with online platforms which are marked as unsafe zones.


Additionally, FamiSafe app uses Web Filtering Software. This software filters webpage with content that is not safe for your kids viewing and stops your child’s browser from downloading pages from these websites. In this way, it blocks your kid from viewing the red-flagged URLs.

Apart from these, FamiSafe app offers controlling your kids’ screen time options as well as some other smart parental control settings. We all know kids these days can easily fall into screen addiction and lose touch with real life. This, in turn, can cause harm to their mental development and can cause behavior issues as well. To give them a balanced life, it is important that we as parents ensure that their screen time is controlled and the best way to ensure that is by simply installing the FamiSafe app.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Accessible from all kinds of devices.
  3. Provides us the opportunity to let our kids enjoy their screen times alone.
  4. Submits your kids’ online activities report to you.
  5. Blocks harmful apps and websites.
  6. Allows keeping a track of not just one child account but as many children as you have who use online space.


  1. Due to such heavy software and programs involved, there are times when FamiSafe might slow down and hence take a little longer in loading the updated details of your child’s activities.