Fitness is an area which was barely given attention to by the masses in the past. However, in the last decade, not only have people become more aware of health and fitness choices available, but they are also taking an active part in incorporating lifestyle changes into their daily lives. Whether they choose to go to the gym for a yoga session or start jogging in the evening, decide to go for a morning run or walk in the afternoon, people have started to make healthier choices which help them stay physically active and in good shape.

This change in attitudes of people calls for a proper gear brand to be worn. You cannot go for a yoga session in your fancy dress; even if you do, the dress will fail to serve the purpose of joining a health session. For this reason, Hotsuit – a premium fitness clothing brand decided to commence its services in 1999 and take matters of catering to the needs of health and fitness enthusiasts in their hands.

The Logic Behind The Logo

The company has a very interesting logo which shows the initial ‘H’ written in a digital clock’s seven-segment style. It is designed as such because the company reaffirms its belief through its logo, that a time will come when Hotsuit will become the leading sportswear brand and redefine fitness apparel industry and active wear’s market.

NanoSilver Technology

Hotsuit brand collections use special technology smart fabric called ‘NanoSilver’ to manufacture its intelligent sweatsuits, sauna suits and other sportswear. This technology-smart fabric locks the body heat inside the gear and reflects it on the skin. Consequently, the body remains warmed up for a longer period and the person wearing the gear sweats more which in turn leads to loss of more calories. This helps people in losing fat through sweat and keep in shape. Additionally, the gear is also waterproof, windproof, and wear-resistant.

Sweating Collection

The company’s major brand is its Classic Sauna Suit Collection also known as the Sweating Collection. This collection includes activewear for both men and women and focuses on heating the body within 10 minutes of you wearing the attire. This will help you in pro-longed and flexible exercising sessions with increased sweating experience. Initially, this line of clothing was developed for boxers and professional athletes only to maintain their form and shape. Over time, as the masses became aware of weight loss and other healthier activities, the Sweatsuit series have become commonly available for all.

Performance Series

The Performance series includes beautifully designed sports outfits for you to wear to mega sports events and happening occasions involving gym, yoga, or regular sports sessions. The core ‘Hot Body’ technology which is involved in making these outfits revolves around one purpose, to maintain and enhance the shape of your body. For this reason, the outfit included in this series includes body shapers and waist trainers as well. Additionally, the gear designed under this label is also anti-bacterial.

Black Label Series

This series of activewear outfits have been designed while keeping in mind that you may require to move around the city a lot and must not always have time to change into gym wear before working out. So, these outfits are not just attractive in their designs but also serve their core functionality of helping you sweat and trim down on body fat when you walk into the gym. From a romantic lady’s sport skirt to an urban elite woman’s vest, Classic Leisure men hoodies to commuter pants, this range of outfits offer all a devoted follower of fashion yet fitness addict might want.

All in all, Hotsuit offer a range of intelligently devised and beautifully designed, technology-smart clothes which can be worn for a proper gym session or a leisure sports event. They help in inducing body heat and increased sweating which leads to muscle flexibility. This, in turn, helps fitness freaks in achieving a strengthened and stable work out session.