Money, dollar, note and paper HD photo by Vladimir Solomyani ( till_indeman) on Unsplash
Money, dollar, note and paper HD photo by Vladimir Solomyani ( till_indeman) on Unsplash

Between ATM fees, credit card surcharges, commissions, & all other expenditures, you will almost need to give a little additional in order to get one currency for the other. How could you reduce these expenditures & have the best ER while traveling in some foreign country? There is just one way to know in case you are going to get the best ER is to come to know what is the current exchange rate!

With the foreign ERs increasing and decreasing from minute to minute, it is not very simple to predict the most suitable time to purchase the travel money. You have to be very careful of the black market exchanges. However, assuming that you do not have some crystal ball with you, there are different things that you might do to have the best exchange rate. Here are some useful tips to get the best ER for the holiday money.

1. Research the ER

There is just one way to know when you are having the best ER is to understand what the recent rate is! So, before you actually leave for the trip, must check out the currency converter to get a clear idea of what ER to expect, or contact a company like Interchange Financial to get a quote. In case you are taking your extended trip then you need to check out the rate periodically in order to stay ahead of any big alterations.

2. Find out the Total Price along with the ER

It is crucial that you should check the total cost while you are looking at purchasing currency. So, it is not enough to just look at the exchange rate. It is so because other expenses, like delivery charges, commission, and credit card fees, might mean you are paying much more as compared to what you actually think.

  • Commission

There are a few companies that would charge commission as well in order to exchange the money. But there is no commission if you purchase online from some companies.

  • Card Fees

Most companies do charge extra in case you are paying by debit or credit card.

  • Delivery

There is nobody who wants the delivery fee included at the last moments. Some companies do it without any fee to pick this up at the airport or in a store.

3. Order Online

As planning abreast generally pays off so you would get the ER if you are ordering online & collecting the currency in the store. It is easy and quick.

4. Lock in ER with a Money Card

In case you select a Money Card in order to take the money overseas then you could lock in your ER on the day when you purchase. This way you would always know what you are exactly spending, & you will not lose out when the ER takes a dive.

5. Do not worry when you’ve Leftover Currency

You can also add the Rate Advantage when you purchase the travel money & you might change this back to your currency at some competitive exchange rate as you come back.