Going out in the evening is preparation for women. Between the haircut, the shoes and the style of the dress, one can quickly get lost there. Although the long dress can be a safe bet for a chic evening, the short dress can be just as elegant. However, beyond personality and style, morphology is the first criterion to consider before choosing a party dress. Whether you are thin or round, big or small, follow our advice, and you will be perfect in the evening dress adapted to your body type.

How to determine morphology?

A woman can define her morphology by looking in the mirror, simply. Naked or in underwear, one can evaluate the proportions of its size compared to its shoulders and its breasts. The different morphologies are as follows: O morphology, A morphology, V morphology, X morphology, and H morphology.

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What evening dress for a woman with marked waist?

Having the size marked is the dream of all women. Whether round or thin, choose the dress that marks your waist. If you are tall, a sheath dress will perfectly emphasize your curves. If you are rather small, opt for shorter dresses that emphasize your waistline.

For a dress for cocktails, find your inspiration online. And if you have curves, opt for a solid color, which will marry your line and will refine your silhouette. If, on the contrary, you are rather fine, do not hesitate to wear lace or patterns to give more volume to your figure.

Often, women with broad shoulders have trouble finding the dress that suits their morphology. Feeling sometimes too “boyish” because of their silhouette, they end up opting for an outfit that does not suit them. If you have an athletic figure, learn to structure it with an outfit that lengthens your figure. You can also wear a short front long back dress.

Avoid marking your waist and wearing a flared outfit. On the contrary, opt for straight dresses and do not hesitate to show off your assets, you’re fine legs with a short dress. Regarding the style of dress that suits you, close-fitting outfits, and not marked at the waist will soften your figure.

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Which dress to choose according to your breast size?

The size of the chest is also a determining factor for choosing a wedding party dress or another event. If you have a generous breast, it is imperative to focus on the clothing that is cut. Avoid fine straps that will provide very little support. The perfect dress has chest clips allowing the chest to be well placed. If you assume your breasts, you can afford to wear plunging necklines, heart caches, wide rounded necklines, or V-necks. Opt for high necks, chokers, or boat necklines.

For women who have a small chest

The plunging necklines are preferred. It should be noted that women who have a small chest can also afford the square collar, which is intended to bring more volume on this part of the body.

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