Customer service is a term denoted to the services provided by a company to its customers. These services may be initiated as early as a customer decides to pursue a certain product/service offered by the company and starts making inquiries about it. For example, a customer asking questions about a company’s offers on its Facebook page or on its Instagram profile is actually engaging in conversation with the company’s customer care representatives.

Whether this customer ends up ordering online or buying stuff from the physical store depends heavily on the way they get served/treated by the company’s online representatives. Thus, customer service does not only come into play in the post-purchase period; rather, it sets its course when the customer starts pursuing the company’s online representatives or in-store ones. Many companies outsource their customer services to third parties such as call centers, virtual, and digital marketing agencies, etc. The reasons for and benefits of doing so outnumbers the disadvantages. Some of them have been listed below.

1. Cost Reduction

Let’s face it- businesses thrive on profit generation. Outsourcing customer services just helps them lay off any additional costs being incurred by the office. If you hire a separate individual to do the job, they might still not be able to handle all of the workloads at once. They might need additional help here and there. Hiring them would also incur a cost, not just in terms of salary but also all other benefits your employees are entitled to. So, it is better to outsource the task to a third party.

2. Saves Time

While your team needs to focus completely on achieving in-office goals and needs help with all the manufacturing and other processes going on, someone needs to deal with customer queries too. If you assign the task to some existing employees, it may not only add up to their workload but might as well seem like too much of a favor to ask. Especially if they are not being compensated for it in terms of re-numeration.

The best reason for outsourced customer service is to save some time and let someone else handle the public image and customer queries. Customer services require problem-solving and managing more than just online complaints. Sometimes, it requires a team of professionals to help out a customer with their problem. To ensure that people in the office do their jobs peacefully and focus their minds, it is better to outsource these tasks to outsiders.

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3. The flexibility of Working Hours

Outsourcing customer services to third parties have another benefit. Outsourcing work involves flexible working hours, especially if you are outsourcing tasks to agencies across the countries. They work in their time zones. Thus, it makes it easier for them to provide you with follow-up reports and updates in hours that do not coincide with your office hours.

4. Diversity of Talents

One of the most underrated benefits of outsourcing customer services is the mix of talents that you get. Imagine a team of diversified talented people working on your project, each one of them coming up with creative customer care ideas that you or you’re in office team could not have because of the added work pressure.

5. Customer Retention

Last but not least, outsourcing customer care services help in customer retention too. Delayed responses to customer queries might result in added stress and pressure on the existing staff. This may result in outbursts of frustration and anger while dealing with customer queries. Furthermore, a delay in response might turn off a customer’s potential intention of buying your product. The best solution to manage all of this hassle is to simply outsource your tasks related to customer services and lay off some stress from your shoulders.

Outsourcing customer services consists of far-reaching impacts. These include the long term effects on a business’s reputation. Word of mouth referrals and social media are still one of the most powerful media for promoting one’s business. In order to retain the hype in customers’ eyes, it is important to match up to their level of expectations and hire an interactive and responsible customer service offshore team.