February is just a week away. Almost every young couple in love or people anticipating love confessions would be excited about one of the most celebrated days in this month. Yes, you guessed it right, this hint is pointing towards Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year as annual lovers’ day. Historically, Valentine’s Day was first celebrated in the 14th Century in memory of Saint Valentine, who was executed on the same day. Before his execution, Saint Valentine wrote his last letter to the love of his life.

The girl he loves was blind and daughter of the judge who ordered his execution. In his last letter, Saint Valentine, who is also credited with restoring his lover’s eyesight wrote to her the following words: ‘Your Valentine.’ Since that day, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as lovers’ day and couples in love exchange cards, gifts, flowers, and chocolates on it.

Gradually, this day’s celebrations spread worldwide, and today, it is celebrated almost all over the world. People dress up, especially for this day. Some like to wear red color some like to wear pink. While men dress up in their own style, when it comes down to women, a plethora of choices present themselves. From boohoo flapper dress to simple yet trendy jeans and top, there are so many to choose from. Are you wondering what to wear this Valentine’s day?

Here are some tips to help you select the perfect outfit that would best suit your style on this most awaited day.

Go For Naked Hues And Pastel Pallets

If you are a girl who loves to experiment and go against the norm, then do not shy away from trying newer and lighter colors on this Valentine’s Day. According to online-stylist.co.uk, a colored top is a huge trend right now. If you decide to wear soft-colored bohemian dress UK, then match them with contrasting colored tops. This trick would accentuate your upper body while keeping the overall look of outfit different from the norm.

Try the Traditional Look

You could sport the traditional look by wearing dark-colored long evening skirts in the UK with graceful tops. Go for bold red and jet black combinations. You can also wear a monochrome costume and stick to one color instead of matching/contrasting two colors. It’s all your wish. If you decide to stick to not only traditional styles but colors too then red is the most widely worn color by lovers on this day.

Dresses that Complement Your Personality

Our third tip is to select dresses that compliment your personality and accentuate your style. Whether graceful or bubbly, ladylike or girly, flaunt whichever kinds of prints you like. You can also go for solid colors, mixed patterns, animal prints, or whatever you deem uplifts your natural style. Choose dresses wisely and do not try to wear dresses which do not help you look your best.

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Consider Your Comfort

When you decide to don a dress on your Valentine’s Day’s date, keep account of your comfort level too. If you feel uncomfortable wearing long skirts or high heels then do not wear them. It is never a good idea to experiment on your big day. What if the hairstyle goes bad, you trip over your heels or long skirts make your plus-sized bottom look a little fuller? Experiment with new styles some other time. For this day, select the dresses and accessories which help you sport your most appreciated look.

Wear Your Size & Body Type

The most important tip to keep in mind while selecting an outfit for Valentine’s Day is to wear an outfit of your own size. Some women make the mistake of buying smaller sizes in hopes of looking younger or slimmer. The truth is this trick does not work. In fact, these make you look even bulkier.

You must wear dresses which not only go with your body size but also shape. If you have an hourglass body, try wearing dresses that hug you from your waist since they will help you flaunt your waist.

If you have an apple-shaped body that is round overall, then try wearing dresses that flatter the less curvy parts of your body and take focus away from the bulkier ones. If you have a very thin stature, then you can go for baggy clothes easily as well as wear any tight fitted ones too. The point being made here is that wear dresses according to your body type and size.

Matching Accessories & Makeup

While you give finishing touches to your outfit selection, remember to select the matching accessories which go with the dress. These include not just jewelry, watches or heels but also the jackets, coat or any other wearable item you decide to cover yourself up with or include in your final looks.

Also, keep your make up simple and to the point if you select a bold out outfits with bright colors. If you select a dull-colored outfit with naked hues, then try to keep your makeup a little bit on the darker side. In addition to this, keep in mind the time of the day your date is set to commence on and put makeup on your skin accordingly.

Bags, clutches, nail color, hair ties, or other bands, everything from head to toe would add to your final look. Not to forget, your perfume would do the magic. Make sure you put on a beautiful fragrance in all the right places you should be wearing it.

Preparing for Valentine’s Day date and planning all the minute details can be a bit time-consuming. So it is better if you set aside some time before Valentine’s day and put in some efforts to devise the final look you would want to carry on that day. After that- shop and arrange for it.

Last but not the least, do not forget the card and gift for your knight in shining armor. You can even surprise him with a handmade card or handwritten love note instead of going for the printed ones.