The new Tweetie 1.2 app is an iPhone client for Twitter, and its latest upgrade makes it the leader in Twittering, here are some of the updates

DAVID CHARTIER – 1/16/2009, 11:01 PM

Tweetie is an app from the house of Atebits, It was originally designed by Brichter, and ever since it came out, it has dominated the Twitter market. As time goes by, apps either upgrade or disappear, in this instance, it upgraded significantly and added to its functionality. The new Tweetie version 1.2 is definitely a game changer.

What makes Tweetie 1.2 so great is its Popularity EnhancEr technology and that it eliminates the need for a flashlight and fart apps. It also integrates Instapaper and iTunes links as well a landscape keyboard that you can use for drafting tweets on the go. It also allows you to block/unblock users on iPhone, and it will remember your scroll position on launch and refresh.

Tweetie 1.2 also brings you linking shrinkage with and a bookmarklet support feature, and the ability to navigate reply chains.

What we found to be really cool is the new swipe to reveal feature, where you can swipe the iPhone screen to reveal navigation icons including reply, profile, and your favorite buttons.


The integration of the Popularity EnhancEr (PEE) technology. This is what Atebit claims to be “a collection of ever-growing technologies scientifically designed to enhance the size of that certain something… You guessed it: App Store sales!”

What adds to Atebit’s success is the integration of flashlights and fart sounds like part of the new versions standard features. However, we expect that the PEE will come with automatic updates that will enable Atebits to upgrade versions via iPhone without creating a new “app” process.

Operationally, after you download the new app, and yes, it’s a new app since it is such a major upgrade that iPhone will charge you $2.99, so it’s not a version upgrade but a new app. You navigate like this:

  • Tweetie > Advanced.
  • Enable the “Popularity Enhance” button
  • You now have a flashlight and interactive fart


Go for it, don’t waste time, and don’t moan about the price, its worth it.