how to print screen

When it comes to essential office equipment, few things get more attention or use than your office printer. Whether it’s printing out those sales presentations, scanning in signed contracts or getting the latest direct mail campaigns out – the office printer is an invaluable asset. But the office printer can offer more than just a simple print if given the chance. Here is a quick guide to getting the most out of your office printer.

Print from anywhere

Gone are the days of having to plug your printer into a port on your computer. Now you can print from almost anywhere. This kind of connectivity means at the push of a button you can have high-quality prints in your hand. The very way in which we order our equipment has changed, with many of us ordering printer cartridges online. Connectivity is particularly important if you experience technical difficulties with any digital technology such as a TV screen. To get the most out of your office printer, be sure to establish a Bluetooth connection with your laptop or tablet. By connecting the two devices together, you have a wireless pathway to printing on demand. If you find yourself in back to back meetings, then on-demand printing can allow you to make the transition seamlessly with your presentation in hand.

Don’t skimp

Office printers have a reputation for being expensive to maintain and keep going. A lot of businesses often try to cut corners and opt for cheaper parts. One area you don’t want to skimp is cartridges. Cheaper, more generic cartridges will certainly do a job, but it won’t be to the same quality or impact as a branded cartridge. Generic cartridges do not use the same high-quality inks as their branded counterparts. To get the best out of your office printer, don’t skimp on the cartridges, opt for the branded and higher quality option to ensure a better quality print every time.

Regular routine

One of the lesser observed tips to getting the most out of your office printer is making sure you keep a strict and regular printer maintenance routine. Office printers are complex machines that require regular checks and cleans to ensure optimal performance. Dust build up can be a real pain, so take the time to dust the inside regularly to help keep things tracking the way they should. Additionally, cleaning the printhead is crucial to optimal performance. Taking the printer head out every month for a clean with warm water will help make sure the prints remain at the highest quality possible.

Stay up to date

A common oversight in a lot of offices or workplaces is overlooking the importance of an up to date printer. Printers require network drivers to inform the system on the optimal settings for printing. A lot of offices overlook these updates and as a result, suffer from malfunctions. Making sure your network drivers are installed as soon as the update is released from your manufacturer is the best way to ensure your office printer performs at its best. If left outdated for too long, more and more problems will arise in not only your printing but also in your machine as well.

When it comes to the office printer, it can be argued that there is no more important piece of equipment in your office. So getting the most out of your printer should be a very high priority. Simple steps like connecting in, regular maintenance and using high-quality parts are all easy ways to make sure your office printer is performing at its peak. Take the time to care for and maintain your printer, then reap the rewards for your business.