There are hundreds of thousands of apps floating around the internet. One of the best ways to find them is to either be informed by another user you have in your network of connections, read about them in the news or blogs, or check out the latest in the Google App Store.

However, not every app is useful, and there are many versions of each app, and each has a specific set of requirements and preferences for the functionality of their apps.

This is why we look at both reviews and top of the list downloads when combined these two key performance indicators (KPI’s) provide you with a clear and concise picture of the overall value the app has on the market.

In this article, we reviewed online sources and came up with this list of the top 100 apps for July 2018.


Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is the latest addition to the house of Google, and it is a great podcasting centralizer. You get to keep all your favorite podcasts in one place, and since this is Google, you also get to take advantage of the Google IoT.




Driving Detective

This is a neat little app for safe driving. It’s aimed for the smartphone addicts that are either lazy or forgetful with their phones in the car. This app automatically what it does is sets your smartphone to Do Not Disturb, which silences your notifications until you exit the vehicle.




For any pet lover and dog owner that wants to make sure their companion is scheduled properly, Rundogo is the app for you. This cute little app is a built-in dog activity scheduler. Just remember to input the schedule at the same time you prepare yours, and it will sync with your schedule, so you are prepared to walk, feed, play and visit the vet.



This is Instagram’s latest addition to video sharing. IGTV is a method to watch long-form vertical. As with all Instagram accounts, this will enable every user to upload their IGTV content.


Adobe Spark Post

This is Adobe’s profile artwork app. It’ designed to make your photo edits cleaner, crisper and easier to edit before uploading. The main features include pick a photo, add some text, apply Design Filters, and upload. This is a great addition to any social media account.



No one contests Netflix place in the movie world, it is now a movie empire and has a great streaming solution. A basic Netflix account will cost you around $8.00 a month, and you get access to all of Netflix’s movies and TV shows online.



Hulu is a Netflix competitor, and its app also offers thousands of Movies and TV show, of which most are updated as they are aired. Hulu has various subscription models, including their $8.00 starter which includes midstream ads.





It’s funny that I need to introduce YouTube, but heck, this is a review of the best apps, and YouTube is still the best short clip video and music app online. Even if you can get full stream movies here too and it’s all free.





All HBO subscribers now have access to the online HBO Now standalone service for $15/month, and HBO Go streaming app on smartphones.



If its music you like, and you want the latest and best services with all the tweaks and features, then nothing beats Spotify. It is still the world’s No.1 music streaming app. You can follow your artists, tracks, albums and make up your categorized lists.




This is the app for free subscribers to all online music. This means you get to access off the lists music. Just remember that this is not a competitor to Spotify.





Bandcamp’s mobile app is streaming and sharing music app for bands and followers. If your band is on Bandcamp, you can listen and share their music online. This is a very simple to use and great music streaming and sharing app.




Google Music

This is Google’s official streaming service and is Spotify’s main competitor. This app allows you to upload up to 50,000 songs for online storage as well as access all the online music you can hope for. Since this is a Google app, it means you can IoT it too.



Apple Music

Yup, Apple music is also on Android, and it is also a Spotify competitor. If you have a Mac or iPad as well as your Android smartphone, then this app is the one to download onto them. You get access to Apple’s impressive library of music, as well as Apple’s Beats 1 radio station, that plays current hits and previews of up-and-coming music.




The NYT, New York Times is a global new brand that offers up to date news and views on every subject and item.





This is the gonzo news service, where you get VICE. This service offers access to their large library of written and video content. The app also gives you the estimated reading time per article.




NPR News

The National Public Radio app that provides a constant stream of conventional reporting in audio and print. Listeners can also tune into various programs such as All Things Considered and Radiolab.




The Washington Post