Must have Apps
Must have Apps

SharePoint is an excellent tool for optimizing the workflows and processes within a business.

By itself, SharePoint has several tools and functionalities that help accomplish this. However, you can enhance its capabilities by adding SharePoint apps.

These apps have various purposes, like making it easy for employees to schedule meetings and providing useful notifications. You should figure out what your company needs most and find apps that will fulfill those needs.

Because there are many different SharePoint apps to choose from, we’ve selected five of them below to start you on the right path.


Being able to communicate online is important, but sometimes a physical meeting can be more effective. When employees are extremely busy and have little free time, it can be hard to schedule a meeting.

This is where MeetSweet! comes in handy. MeetSweet! allows you to pick a time slot based on the availability of everyone involved.

It also makes it easy to take notes during the meeting and create summaries for anyone that was unable to attend or needs information gathered during the meeting.

MeetSweet! is great for simplifying the process of scheduling a meeting and outlining it for others.

Export to Word

Another great app is Export to Word.

You’re likely to create several documents while using SharePoint, but if you need to access them at home or send them to clients, there will be difficulty viewing them.

To solve this problem, you can export your SharePoint documents to Microsoft Word. This is a great solution because Word is the universal word processing application, making it accessible to almost anyone.

Even better, SharePoint lets you create word templates that make exporting easier. Export to Word eliminates the busy work involved with converting raw data into a widely accessible format.

Task Management

One of the greatest features of SharePoint is the managing of tasks assigned to your employees.

You can take this a step further with the Task Management app. This creates a to-do list for all required tasks, which is great for providing a physical reminder of what needs to be done.

Furthermore, the app allows you to create categories for tasks based on whether they are completed, incomplete, overdue, due today, or due during the current week.

These categories make it easy to prioritize tasks based on due date and importance so that nothing gets overlooked.

Task Management is your virtual to-do list that makes it easy for employees to complete all their necessary duties.

Alerts & Reminders by Virto

If your workers have a hard time remembering when they have a meeting or deadline, then Alerts & Reminders by Virto is excellent.

This app will send notifications via email to make sure employees don’t miss anything important. You can send emails in batches to a whole group of people or just a few of them.

These alerts can be scheduled based on when they’re needed, including daily, weekly, or monthly reminders.

One thing to keep in mind is that this app has a 30-day free trial, but will require purchase afterward to continue using it. However, the convenience you’ll enjoy for setting reminders and keeping employees on-time is well worth the price.

You can also try apps like Alert or Corporate Alert if you want a fully free app, although both will have fewer features.


Whenever your employees are working on a large project, it’s highly likely that questions will pop up.

Some of these will be basic and repetitive, so creating an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page can eliminate confusion. For SharePoint, you can use an app called FAQ to do this.

FAQ can create a list of answered questions, but it can also be used to create a searchable database so employees can search for their exact question. Additionally, similar questions will be grouped for easier navigation.

The FAQ app also has features like autocompletion of search terms, a list of popular searches, and the ability to search by category. This makes it quick and easy for employees to find what they need without locating an email and drafting a message just to get an answer from someone.

Closing Thoughts

SharePoint is very useful for enhancing productivity and communication within your business. It becomes even more effective when you also use apps that add extra functionalities.

Five of the best free apps you can use include MeetSweet!, Export to Word, Task Management, Alerts & Reminders by Vevo, and FAQ.

All of these apps have different purposes, but they all exist to cut down on busy work and promote productivity. Determine what your company requires the most help with and you can almost certainly find an app that serves those needs.