We can take dating apps as whatever we want, but we shouldn’t ignore them. First, it’s a great way to have fun. And secondly, no matter how strange it may sound, there is a real chance to meet your love in our age of apathetic millennials. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and new dating apps, so you can fully appreciate the delight of online flirting.


Geolocation radius, plans for the evening, favorite places, gender, age, hobbies, the purpose of communication — these are the criteria the creators of mobile applications come up with to help us in search of the soulmate. For example, single gourmets can build their personal lives with the SaladMatch app. You choose your favorite dish and the time at which you usually go to a restaurant and then it’s a matter of technology. The application finds Ukrainian women for marriage like from https://brides4love.com/ukrainian-brides with similar gastronomic habits, notifies the chosen ones if someone likes it, and even books a table for a romantic dinner.


It’s easy to guess why girls like Bumble: the application asks its users whether they want to communicate with this or that young man. However, sometimes the ladies forget to approve the request for dialogue. As a result, communication ends before it starts. But if everything goes well, you can be sure that both of you’re fond of one another.

Instagram Stories

The indisputable pro of this dating option is that by looking at a girl’s profile, you can find out about her, if not everything, then a lot. After all, no description on a dating site will give you so much information. Another advantage of such an acquaintance is that it doesn’t oblige you to anything. Therefore, sometimes flirting with someone in Direct is a pleasure.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This app, although forgotten, is still cool. And you should resort to it not only when you are completely disappointed in other methods of online dating. Unlike other programs, Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t have a flow of photos of strangers. Each day, the application offers you only one candidate. If the acquaintance didn’t work — don’t be discouraged, but just wait for the next one.


Cuddlr reached out to a whole new group of people who want to cuddle to stand out from the millions of dating apps. The search for a partner for gentle communication is based on the Tinder principle: the user looks for someone with whom they would like to hug and sends a request, which must be answered within 15 minutes. If the desire to hug is mutual, the application will tell you the shortest way to meet. As a result, as conceived by the creators, the couple can go their separate ways or continue communication. There is a complaint book in the app in case of dirty offers.

Do I Date

The advantage of this application is that you can rate everyone with whom you are in dialogue or go on a date. And your prospective partners can do the same. On the one hand, it sounds strange and may seem disrespectful towards Do I Date users. But on the other hand, hardly anyone wants to have low ratings. Therefore, in this application, you should definitely not be afraid of sudden vulgarities.


This application will be appreciated by all music fans, as users get to know each other guided by the musical tastes of each other. So, if you go on a date with a girl from Tastebuds, you can be absolutely sure that you will never quarrel with her about the music in the car. To start using this application, upload your playlist to it. And the program itself will start offering you options for dating. All you have to do is choose the one and send her some song instead of “hello.”


Initially, the app was not created for idle communication but business dating based on mutual benefit. Looking for potential business partners nearby to exchange ideas and useful contacts? But who said that business lunchtime should be devoid of romantic flair?


Lumen is an application for dating mature, adult people. So, if you are 20 years old, don’t download it. Firstly, the age group there is not yours. And secondly, it is unlikely that you will be pleased to stumble upon the profile of your lonely father. But if you are over 50 — take a closer look. The only thing to interest the prospective interlocutor is to practice eloquence — the first message must contain at least 50 characters.


This app is for Muslims only. And apparently, it really works. During its existence, Muzmatch has helped to marry 25 thousand couples. In the application, in addition to the usual filters, there is a confession filter, and it is also allowed to use nicknames and hide pictures. Besides, an “observer,” who may be someone close to you, is allowed to join your conversation with the prospective partner. There are similar applications for Christians — Salt, and for the romantic Jews, JDate is intended.

Couple — Relationship

Another app that’s perfect for long-distance relationships or for couples who travel frequently for work. It is the place where they can share a common agenda or make plans.

Feeld Dating & Chat

It is an app for everyone: straight, gay, bisexual, polysexual, and pansexual. Here you can create private and group chats. To register, you need a profile on Facebook, but you can hide your page from friends. It also doesn’t require real names.


It is one of the simple and free dating apps. It allows you to communicate with other users, get to know each other better, and make choices. Some time ago, there was a scandal when they admitted that they had united incompatible people as an experiment. Since then, the number of users has decreased significantly.

Ashley Madison

The application allows you to meet people around the world and those who are near you. It has a “guests” feature, allowing you to see who has visited your page. And there is also a search filter.


This application is considered one of the safest, as it asks to fill out a questionnaire so that users know about each other in advance and only then decide whether they want to communicate. And there are also pre-written “quick questions.”


It is one of the most popular apps for communication and dating. The dating site of the same name has gained its popularity as a Facebook application, which makes it possible to communicate with registered users of several social networks. The app promises that thanks to smart matching technology, you won’t have to fill out endless questionnaires to find your perfect match. All you need to do is start chatting with people you are interested in, and Zoosk will select new candidates for you from your city with whom you are most likely to develop mutual sympathy.


This mobile application is designed for those who are tired of long romantic correspondence and want real meetings. The service was originally created for residents of a metropolis, where the life pace and distance don’t allow wasting time on empty conversations. Anyone can download Pure from the App Store and use it for free for only five weeks. To continue looking for a soul mate, you need to buy a weekly subscription.