The stage is set. Dinner is served. You’ve spent hours preparing it, and every single detail has been covered meticulously. The potatoes are boiled, the vegetables are cooked. The sauce is perfect, a rich and smooth texture providing the perfect addition to your steak.

That’s right, the steak; the crown jewels of the dinner. Cooked to absolute perfection, everyone is looking forward to tucking into it. We all love a good steak, and a full steak dinner even more. Part of what makes a steak so appetising, however, is what you compliment it with. But not just the vegetables, no. And it’s not all about the peppercorn sauce. There’s something else that can make or break a steak dinner.

That’s right- we’re talking about the wine. Wine is the perfect substrate for steak, offering a delightful companionship to one of the best meats out there. But it’s not all plain sailing; if you don’t choose the right wine, you could end up ruining the dinner for yourself and end up regretting the whole thing.

That’s why important that you educate yourself on the best wines to have with this meal- but what are they? And what makes are the best? Don’t worry, all you need to do is sit back and relax as we answer all your questions about wine at a steak dinner.

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One of the most common cuts of steak is the ribeye. This comes from the rib area of the cow (as you probably guessed) and is often described as one of the steaks with the best and most exotic flavors. A lot of people believe that red wine will go well with this red meat due to the old sayings, and this can definitely be the case.

However, we believe that if you choose the right kind of white wine, this could actually work better. This is due to this kind of wine’s ability to bring out the flavors that ribeye steaks offer, really emphasizing all the hard work you’ve put in to make it taste so good. White sauvignons are a great choice and can really add to your meals.

On the other hand, cabernet sauvignons (a red version of this wine) is also believed to be a great companion for ribeye steaks. Cover your steak up with lots of salt and pepper to compliment your dinner and really bring out the flavors in both your wine and steak.

Filet mignon is another type of steak which can be greatly enhanced with a fine glass of wine. This steak comes from the rear end of the cow and is a bit less flavourful than the incredibly juicy ribeye. This steak is a lot more tender and therefore requires a decent bit of thought when it comes to selecting its perfect wine partner.

We believe sticking to the tried and trusted red wine will do suffice here, complimenting the tenderness perfectly without it feeling as though you’re way outside the comfort zone with this dinner. A pinot noir is a very common choice with this kind of steak, with its oaky nature and the fruitiness it brings to your mouth offering up the perfect combination at the dinner table. Both you and your dinner guests will really enjoy the contrasting yet in sync tastes these wines and meats will bring you.


Porterhouse steaks are yet another steak which pairs perfectly with a refreshing glass of red wine. Cut from the cow’s loin region, this is another common cut found at the dinner table and another which it’s tricky to find a perfect wine for.

We once again find ourselves recommending you with a glass of cabernet sauvignon; you really can’t go wrong with this kind of wine, and it once again does a brilliant job at bringing out all the flavors that the steak has to offer. This is a pretty intense wine which can put a lot of people off. However, the fact that this wine is usually served with a sauce makes up for this; a steak sauce usually needs a good strong wine to match it for taste and fire.

This is the perfect wine for offering just that. Syrah wine is another good option for a porterhouse steak due to its strength of flavors. Concocted from a mixture of dark fruits, its strength really brings an extra dimension to your dinner table and to your meal. It’ll take your steak to the next level.

Another steak cut which needs a fine wine to partner it is a New York strip. This is another steak which comes from the cow’s loin area but offers a much more tender and beefier feel than a porterhouse steak. It’s also a lot fattier than a lot of other steak cuts, which is why you have to find a wine to compliment it. Once again, we find ourselves searching the shop aisle for a cabernet sauvignon; its strong fruity flavors bring a delightful contrast to the fatty flavors in this steak.

With this kind of meat, you also need to adjust your dish to go with the strength of the wine you choose. If you choose a bold wine such as cabernet sauvignon, you can keep using ingredients such as potato and bold sauces. However, if you choose a white wine instead (or just a lighter red wine), then you should consider evening this up on your plate with lighter sides (such as salad).

Of course, it also depends on what your favorite wine is yourself. You might want to disregard our advice altogether and go for whatever your favorite wine is- after all, there isn’t really a wrong answer when you’re deciding which wine to go with your steak. If you’re part of a younger age group and haven’t quite got used to the taste of ordinary wine yet, you could always go with a bottle of Echo Falls or something of the sort- this will make it feel like you’re drinking a fruity alcoholic drink which will still go well with your steak dinner.

It really is up to you to decide- we all have different tastes and it’s down to you to decide what will suit your dinner best.