You usually see your facial characteristics change significantly with age. You may have more lines around your eyes, your lips may get smaller and less plumped, and your skin may become more vulnerable to sun exposure (sun spots, liver spots). You may also notice that your cheeks change a lot considerably.

Your cheeks are not as fuller anymore as they were. While your bone structure has become more visible that provides you more of a sculpted look but when you’re getting old, your cheeks are no longer as pretty as once they were.

Due to the loss of fat deposits that contribute to this young plumpness, the facial sides are more sunken in. Fat deposits in your cheeks contribute to this young plumpness. But the loss of fat deposits contributes the facial sides to more sunken in. You probably have more wrinkles around your mouth and nose. You can get fuller cheeks by the injection fillers. You can rejuvenate your facial contours overall by Botox Toronto.
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Whether you are moving toward your 40s or passed it, you can get your young look with Botox treatment as you were 10 years back.

Fuller Face, Diminished Lines, and Wrinkles With Voluma And Botox

The loss of fullness in your cheeks is the second indication of your aging process. A facelift treatment can help to out in enhancing your facial profile by moving up the sagging skin back to your chicks. While Voluma cannot move fat in reality, it can mimic this outcome by filling in the same area, which refreshes face contour.

Voluma is an excellent option for those who have noticed some sagging in their skin, and are not prepared to undergo a procedure to correct it. The effects may be drastic although the lift is subtle. They can add volume to the cheeks resulting in changing the appearance and the depth of the wrinkles in adjacent areas.

It can be extremely helpful when the Botox is combined with Voluma. Botox softens the contraction of the muscles which causes fine lines; on the other hand, the volume fills up the hollow and gives a lifting effect.

The combination of the two is a very efficient way of rejuvenating the entire face and giving it a smooth and gentle appearance. Now, it is possible to bring a youthful appearance on your entire face and even you can change its overall shape. You just need to add volume to cheeks by a Voluma and smooth down the wrinkles in isolated areas with Botox.