Businesses always take for granted how voicemail is losing them money. The fact is that a voice mailbox is not an acceptable solution when you can’t promise to answer your phone all the time.

A better substitute, however, is a Business Call Forwarding Service, which allows you to route calls to multiple devices or ring them in sequence until one answers the phone.

This New York Times article confirmed that millennials don’t use voice mails now. When they hear the tone, they are likely to put the phone down.

Among the reasons cited why they are uncomfortable using the cell phones are:

  • They find it to be more intimate, which is not a feeling that a customer would want for a business transaction
  • They think it’s awkward
  • It’s more practical to send a text message
  • They don’t trust the voice mailbox function
  • It doesn’t sound as urgent as a text message that reads, “text me.”
  • Millennials don’t know how to use the feature

This 2014 article is still relevant now because millennials have the power of the purse now. They comprise a majority of the buying public.

According to Nielsen, multicultural millennials are directly and indirectly contributing more than $1 trillion to the domestic economy. A multicultural millennial refers to African Americans, Hispanic Americans, or Asian Americans with a healthy family and cultural ties.

Also, by the end of 2019, the number of Millennials in the United States would have reached 73 million. Now, if they are ignoring the voice mail, what do you do?

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Opt For Business Call Forwarding Service

The service allows you to be always on top of each call, whether it’s from a customer or a potential business partner. For instance, a unique service from Talkroute is the “Call Stacking” feature.

Instead of your call being cut off if the person you want to talk to is not around, you will be transferred to another person who might be able to help you.

Here’s how it looks:

The supervisor is not around > assistant supervisor is called > assistant supervisor not around > officer of the day is called

And so forth.

The business can arrange the sequence by order of importance. This way, a customer will never feel left out.

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Customize your ringtones with music

Another often overlooked aspect of business calls is the ringtone. People might not overthink of it, but the standard tone is making their customers fidgety and edgy. It triggers a primal emotional response that’s not altogether positive.

Try calling somebody, and you will subconsciously count the number of rings. Then you get angry because nobody is still picking up after the fifth ring. But in reality, only a few seconds have passed.

However, when you hear a favorite pop song while you are on call queue, you won’t notice the time so much.

Contact Talkroute now, so you will know more about the call forwarding service instead of sending your customers and investors to voicemail. The system is 100% virtual, so you don’t purchase additional equipment to use the service.