A good headset is a crucial component for successful and comfortable gaming. If you are a competitive player who aims to reach perfection in cybersport, then a good sound is vital for your victories. Modern competitive games emphasize orientation on sound like one of the key mechanics, and a qualitative headset is a chance to have maximum from a game. However, if you are a casual player, a good headset is essential for quality in-game time. Modern single-player games strive to create an immersive atmosphere through the music and ambiance. A good headset is a gateway to full immersion in your favorite adventures.

In this article, you will learn how to choose a good gaming headset for a low price.

Choose the headset according to the gaming device

The first and most essential choice is a wired or wireless headset to choose. A wireless headset may seem the most obvious choice for a good one. However, in reality, it depends on the platform on which you play. Wireless headsets fit the most for the consoles such as Playstation or Xbox. Usually, the consoles are placed across the room. Therefore, a wireless headset is a perfect choice for console gaming. Check out the best gaming headset under 100 to learn more about optimal wireless headset choice.

If you are playing on a PC, then a wired headset is an optimal choice. Besides, a wireless headset requires charging from time to time, even with long working sessions, while a wired headset is always ready for the games. Otherwise, these variants of the headsets do not differ much. Both wired and wireless headsets can provide similar quality of sound, comfortable design, and durability. Therefore, it is possible to choose one of the best gaming headset under 100 if you take into account several factors, which make a gaming headset a better choice than a regular one.


The microphone is an essential part of a gaming headset. Often, the presence of a qualitative microphone is a reason for a high price for a headset. However, the microphone and its flexibility do not influence the quality of the sound itself. You may still find a good headset under 100 if you decide to compromise on the microphone choice. First of all, a qualitative microphone is needed in team games. If you actively participate in team-based competitions, then a flipping micro with noise reduction is the best option and the first thing that should be considered. However, if you use a microphone only in casual talks, you may look for options with a still microphone or one without noise reduction. The quality will be lower but the price too. Therefore, pick a headset in consideration with your playstyle.

Sound Quality

The major feature of a headset. It is why you are looking for a gaming headset and what makes a real difference between a regular and a gaming headset. High and low tones are distinct. Low whispers and howl of the wind on the dusty streets of a horror game differ significantly from music within a game. However, the quality of the sound in a single-player game differs significantly from the online experience.

Such online shooters as CS: GO, Overwatch, Hunt: Showdown, and Rainbow Six: Siege emphasize the importance of good sound quality. In these, and many other games, the line between victory and defeat lies in what you can and can’t hear. A good and qualitative gaming headset allows gathering all necessary information within seconds. This includes the proximity and the intensity of the footsteps, the caliber of a gun, and even the distance between you and the enemy. If you have the possibility – try to test the headset before buying. Otherwise, search for detailed reviews and the headset characteristics to ensure that the device meets the requirements of good sound.


That’s the most important part of the headset. No matter how you will use your gaming headset and which game platform you prefer, earcups shall be comfortable and qualitative. One of the essential criteria for earcups is shape-memory. Earcups adjust to your anatomical features and provide personalized comfort. Another thing to check out is cooling gel. One of the key differences between regular headsets and gaming headsets is the duration of the gaming session. Players wear headsets for a longer time per session than regular users. Therefore, it is vital to keep earcups cool, and cooling gel is necessary for the headset construction. Pay attention to this component in the headset description.


Pay attention to the parts and the materials from which they are made. You may find the best gaming headset under 50$, but it will not serve you long enough to enjoy it properly. Plastic is the most common material for the headsets, but you want to look for metal infusions and carbon parts. The life cycle of the devices plays the same role as the quality of its components, and your gaming headset will serve you longer if it is made from qualitative materials.

Design and brand

There are many hardware manufacturers on the market, famous brands such as Razer, Logitech, or Ryzen, as well as not so popular companies like Turtle or Corsair. Each of the companies tries to impress its customers with innovative design, qualitative components, and impressive sound quality. However, a lot of headsets are overpriced because of the brand. You still can find the best gaming headset under 100 without a loud brand name. However, aggressive marketing may make this choice difficult. Of course, branded headsets have superior design and materials, but in general, sound quality does not differ from less popular analogs. Therefore, it is up to you which design to choose. It is a question of taste and aesthetics. If you prefer your device looking flashy, stylish, or, on the contrary, strict and moderate – it is up to you. There is no right piece of advice.