Solar Panels

Considering solar panels for your home and the environment? Enlighten yourself with our guide to the amazing benefits of solar panels for your home.

Using solar energy is becoming more popular each year, with solar installations in the United States expected to increase by 14% in 2019.

Some of the increase is due to lower costs, but it’s also because people are becoming more aware of the many benefits of solar panels.

If this is something you’ve thought about, here are five solar energy benefits to consider.

Reduce Energy Bills

One of the immediate benefits of solar energy is the change to your electricity bills. Once you start producing your own energy, the amount you owe the electric company drops.

The amount of savings depends on your situation. If you live in a state with more sunlight, and your house is situated well for solar, you may be able to eliminate your energy bill completely.

If you’re in a state with less sunlight, or if your house gets more shade, you’ll likely still need to buy some electricity. Even in this case, though, that amount will go down significantly.

Tax Credits

Having lower energy bills is a big draw for solar, but the up-front cost can be a barrier.

To help with those initial costs, you can apply for a tax credit. Through 2019, homes in all states qualify for the federal solar tax credit of 30%. The tax credit doesn’t have a cap, which means you can get the credit no matter how much your solar panels cost.

You may also qualify for state-specific tax incentives or rebates. It’s important to explore all the possibilities to make sure you get the most affordable option.

Protection from Rising Costs

Among the many solar power benefits, one that’s less obvious is the protection from increased energy costs.

In the past decade, electricity costs have increased by about 5%, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. Many homeowners face sticker shock when they get their electricity bills. This is especially true for those on a fixed income.

With solar power, you have more control over those costs. Since you generate your own energy, even if you still need to pay for some portion of your electricity, you won’t feel the impact of rising costs as much.

Improve Property Value

Homeowners who expect to be moving in a few years might wonder if they’ll get enough of the solar paneling benefits to offset the costs of their solar installations.

In the past, that was a valid concern, but now, those solar panels can increase your property value.

Buyers know how much solar can help with electricity bills. They also know that solar panels don’t require much maintenance and can last for decades.

This means you can raise the asking value of your house when you’re ready to sell. Even if you don’t save enough energy to cover the costs of installation before you move, this gives you a way to get your money back.

Help the Environment

The individual perks of solar are nice, but one of the biggest benefits of solar paneling is how it helps the environment.

Using a renewable resource to power your home lowers the demand for fossil fuels. This reduces greenhouse gases, but it does even more than that.

Producing fossil fuels uses a lot of water, and it also contaminates fresh water. Using solar requires very little water, if any, which reduces the impact on the water supply.

Plus, since solar energy doesn’t contaminate the air or water, it’s better for everyone’s health.

Enjoy Many Benefits of Solar Panels

When you switch to solar, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of solar panels.

The investment will pay for itself, you can relax about your electricity bills, and you can feel good about helping the planet. It’s a win all around, and now is the perfect time to get started on making the switch.

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