With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram presence and growth are now seen as the integral parts of having a successful business. But many brands and users struggle with increasing their Instagram followers. Read on to explore why growing your Instagram account is important and the best ways to expand your follower base on the social network in 2020:

Importance of growing your Instagram account

Having been listed alongside the likes of Facebook and Twitter in recent years, Instagram is now one of the trendiest social media platforms in the world. This photo and video sharing app provides businesses with the opportunity to expand their outreach.

The number of followers you have on your account translates into the success you achieve in the real world. Given that you’re using the right methods to increase your Instagram follower count, your followers are potential customers that can help grow your brand.

Besides helping you market your brand, it is also a good idea to use Instagram to provide customer service. Think about using it to answer your customers’ questions, address their concerns, resolve their complaints, and gain valuable feedback.

Also, Instagram provides customers with the opportunity to voice any queries regarding your products or services. Your customer support team can respond quickly, increasing the desirability of your brand along the way. It’s basically a win-win situation for both you and your followers.

Best way to grow your Instagram followers

Let’s make one thing clear: The only effective way to grow your account on Instagram is through organic methods. Organic Instagram growth attracts people who are genuinely interested in your content, leading to useful growth of your account. Buying followers is an alternative, but these new followers add no value to your Instagram profile. They can even increase your risk of getting banned by Instagram because most of these followers are bots, not real people.

Having an attractive profile, posting regularly, engaging with your audience, and post scheduling are some of the most effective organic strategies to increase your Instagram followers. But these methods are slow. It is a good idea to supplement these methods with an organic Instagram promotion service, such as SimplyGram.

The best Instagram growth service on SimplyGram not only increases your follower count by the thousands but also guarantees that the followers will come from real accounts and improve your engagement rates. Many other growth services either follow-unfollow method or make use of “bots” and fake profiles, all of which are against the Instagram terms of service.

SimplyGram uses a unique mother-child method to increase your followers. Your dedicated account manager makes multiple “child” accounts that send out a custom message to potential followers to lure them towards the primary “mother” account. Since the audience is targeted according to your requirements, most people like what they see and end up following your profile.


Instagram is a powerful tool in this era of digital marketing, and it is essential to have a large following on the platform to use it to its maximum potential. Use the above-explained legitimate strategies to grow your Instagram account organically, without violating the network’s terms of service.