Best Messaging Apps

The Best 5 Personal Messaging Apps

The five must have personal messaging appsJust for those asking what I mean by personal, I refer to apps that are not designed specifically for commercial purposes. There are a number...
Best iOS Apps for 2018

The Best iOS Apps in 2018

The Essential apps for your iOS smartphoneHi all, its time to have a look at the obvious. Sometimes with all the excitement of discovering new apps, we overlook the basic ones...

IGTV App–Instagram’s Video App for Long Form Vertical Videos

This is Instagram’s latest addition to video sharing. IGTV is a method to watch long-form vertical. As with all Instagram accounts, it will enable every user to upload their IGTV content. IGTV...

The New Tweetie 1.2 for iPhone app with PEE

The new Tweetie 1.2 app is an iPhone client for Twitter, and its latest upgrade makes it the leader in Twittering, here are some of the updatesDAVID CHARTIER - 1/16/2009, 11:01 PMTweetie is...

Tweetie iPhone Screenshots

Tweetie was one of the first app to be developed for Twitter.    


Tips On How To Concentrate On Studying

Studying isn’t something that’s just done, but rather something that can and should be done well. There are many things that could affect the...