Call of Duty: Warzone is a 2010 installment in the Call of Duty game series, which was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. While the original CoD game has countless sequels that have been released on numerous platforms, CoD Warzone was released on only a few platforms. These included MS Windows, Play Station 4, and Xbox One.

CoD Warzone is a multiplayer game and requires players to form teams to play it. Many players jump into the game without considering what players they get paired with. However, some players choose their teammates quite carefully using online tools such as CoD Warzone Teamfinder. Other methods of selecting the players to play CoD Warzone are discussed below.

Ways to find Teammates

Getting Randomly Paired

The first method is to get randomly paired with players. In this method, players can randomly choose to get paired with other players online on whichever platform they are playing the game. This method, however, does not sit well with ambitious players. Since random pairing does not take into account other players’ skill set and gaming personality, it often results in bad teams.

Since it is useless forming teams with players you don’t get along with, you can try other of the many methods to choose players for your team.

Finding Players Using LFG Sites

The second method for finding playmates for your CoD Warzone game is to use Looking for Groups (LFG) websites. There are plenty of CoD Warzone LFG websites, apps, and online communities that help players bond with each other before deciding to pair up. Each of these websites requires players to enlist themselves on the CoD warzone Teamfinder page and then dive in.

Discord Servers

Discord servers are online groups that have a multitude of players in them. Players who wish to find good squad members using discord servers can simply download the respective discord app. After that, they would have to request access to an existing server by acting upon an invite from a friend.

Alternatively, players can also create servers of their own and invite other players to join. This helps them form player communities with other Call of Duty Warzone players and creates a pool of reliable players.

Becoming a member of discord servers or creating one also ensures that you never run out of players’ supply. When a player starts playing the game, the rest of his squad members might be unavailable due to any reason. In such situations, the discord servers can help them find other players instantly.

Asking Your Friends

The most common method players use to find their team members is by asking their real-life friends to join them in the game. If you fail to find yourself a good teammate using all other options, you can always ask the friends you get along with to join you in the game.


Call of Duty: Warzone has one of the most difficult maps to be played solo. The advanced level of difficulty prompts players to form teams and finish this game. So, if you are also a player, thinking about how to find playmates for your CoD Warzone game, you can try any of the methods mentioned above.