Did you know that in the US, on average, burglars strike every 25.7 seconds? It’s definitely something that homeowners should consider when decorating. It might not be as fun to plan when renovating, but security should play an integral role in the foundation of any home.

To help you feel more secure, read on to find practical security tips you can use in your home.

Lock the Windows

Windows and doors are the most common entry points for burglars. It’s very important that you invest in high-quality products that are tough and secure. Find a manufacturer such as Casa Bella Windows & Doors. They provide top of the line products that are made with superior strength and added security. For example, their Casement windows come with a multi-locking system and fusion-welded frame and sash for outstanding strength.

You should also consider reinforcing the glass found in your windows with window security film and install window or glass break sensors. It’s a good idea to add window bars, especially on basement windows.

Another tip is to plant prickly bushes under any first-floor windows to deter people from entering.

Secure All Doors

Did you know that about 34% of burglars just walk right in the front door? Don’t let that happen to you! Ensure that your exterior doors frames are all strong and that the hinges are protected. If you have a mail slot, inspect it carefully to make sure nobody can reach through it to unlock the door.

If you have just moved into a residence that used to belong to someone else, change the door locks. That way, you won’t have strangers out there with a key to your home. Always make sure you have the very best keys on the market.

You can also add the following reinforcements to help really secure those entryways:

  • Install a video doorbell so you can keep tabs on the front door at all times
  • Install a deadbolt
  • Add a strike plate

Another thing to remember is to inspect your doors a couple of times to year to make sure that everything is in good condition.

Lighten Up the Front and Back Landscape

If there’s one thing we know about burglars, it’s that they don’t like to be in the spotlight. Keep the bad folks away with ample outdoor lighting.

Place lights throughout your front and back yards, along any pathways, and near the garage and other outdoor structures you may have on the premises. With this amount of lighting around your home, burglars will be less tempted to check it out.

Use motion-activated lights and place outdoor lights on a timer to conserve energy.

Security System

If you’re still feeling a little apprehensive, invest in a good security system. There are many different types available today, including systems that you can operate from your Smartphone.

You shouldn’t have to be fearful in your own home. It’s your resting place and safe haven. Follow these tips and never worry about unwanted intruders ever again.