Here are the second set of 10 games reviewed in the big ABCYa list.

Adventure Man and the Counting Quest

Grades K & Up

Adventure man and the counting conquest is a counting game for beginners that seek an enlightened way to learn to count. The game comes with some serious graphics for ABCYa and starts out with a nice comic strip that sets off the story.

Counting man has a map, and he needs to follow it to reach the prize. The player gets to choose the counting steps, anywhere between 1 to 10, and then choose a level to play on. The game’s levels do get harder, although only because the numbers get higher, so counting requires concentration. Players can start out at level 1 with 1, so you basically add with 1 every time. Remember, when you finish 10 steps, the next level starts with the number after the last one. So in the 1st level, the map that ends with 10 will lead to a map that starts with 11.

Grade: K to 5.

Conclusions: This is a classic counting game that will keep players focused as they count their way through each level to reach the final target. Counting with 1, 2, 3, etc. is fun and gets harder with each type of incremental step. Consider the difficulty of counting in steps of 7 or 8, even for an adult. As such, this game comes highly recommended.

Adventure man: Days of the Week

Grades 1 - 2

This version of Adventure man comes as a small game of 10 questions. The graphics are the same quality as with the counting man adventure. In this game, the player is asked 10 questions about the days of the week, such as today is Tuesday, what is tomorrow. Or Yesterday was Tuesday, what day is tomorrow? After completing the 10 questions, the temple doors open and the player has to set the days into their correct sequence now. After which the player will cross a deep pit and reach the treasure. End of the game.

Grade: 1 to 2

Conclusions: This is another great game, its short one that can be played a few times, however, once the player grasps the sequence, the game has succeeded in its purpose.

Adventure Man: Months of the Year

Grades 1 - 2

This Adventure man game is about the 12 months of the year. Adventure man gets to answer 10 questions about the months. After which he moves through the temple, goes over a sequence setting screen and reaches the treasure.

Grade: 1 to 2

Conclusions: Another fine game to play and learn, once memorized, the game succeeds in its purpose.

Alan’s Pizzeria

Grades 2 & Up

Alan’s Pizza is a pattern recognition game that demands the player collect orders, understand the steps required to prepare the order and serve it within a preset time limit. The orders keep coming, and eventually customers back up, which creates the need to work faster and multi-task orders.

This is the ABCYa take on a classic pizza making an app with the intention of helping players gain better mouse control and motor skills, with an understanding of order processing and the steps required to meet the order. All within a time frame and orders that are fulfilled are paid for. So you get that extra commercialism kicked in for free.

The graphics are OK, not the high-grade graphics you would expect for such a game, but pleasantly crisp and neat for easy pattern recognition.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: A classic arcade game that demands the preparation of managing a pizza shop. This is definitely a winner.


Grades 2 & Up

Alarmy is a classic arcade puzzle game where the player has to solve a problem by moving or eliminating obstacles. In this game, the alarm clock alien Alarmy has to wake up the pink beast, and to do so he has to tap into the side of the beat. As such, the player is taught the basics of movement and slowly introduced to different obstacles that have to be solved and overcome.

This game develops original and innovative thought; it creates logic patterns and demands that the player focuses on details and understands how certain actions are performed. Each level presents a harder problem to solve, and in some games, there are time limits as well as coffee cups to collect on the way to more stars.

The graphics are exceptional for such a nice game, and they are clean cartoon-like in appearance. The problems get harder, but with the right adjustment to focus, players will solve all the games.

Grade: 2 to 5 (but adults can play it too)

Conclusions: This is a definite winner, it provides all the good and great things that action games provide together with problem-solving with no violence.

Alarmy 2: Cristalland

Grades 2 & Up

Alarmy 2 is the same game as Alarmy, and there are four such games in the series. This variant is set in Cristalland and comes with new problems to solve and new rules to learn. Overall the same performance, graphics and wonderful problems to solve.

Grade: 2 – 5 (Yup, for adults too)

Conclusions: This is another winner, and when you see an ABCYa game that has more than one variant, it means that it is popular and that players want more. As such, all series games are considered to be the best of the ABCYa catalog.

Alarmy 3: Desert

Grades 2 & Up

This is the third in the Alarmy series, and this one is set in the desert. Again, the same graphics and quality as well as new problems and rules to solve. This version continues to capture the imagination and lets players enjoy more Alarmy problems.

Grade: 2 to 5 (yes, again for adults too)

Conclusions: Since their first two games concluded with top marks, so  is this one, Nuff said.

Alarmy 4: Riverland

Grades 2 & Up

This is the fourth and final game in the Alarmy series and is set in Riverland. I guess that the pink beastie will never get enough sleep since Alarmy is following him around everywhere. A popular and in demand game that provides another set of unique problems with new rules and scenes to enjoy.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: The final game in the Alarmy series, sad, but then there had to be an end at some point, and let the players start all over again, just like a good book.

All About ME

Grades Pre-K - 2

All about me is a collage of what makes you “you.” The player is asked a series of questions; each question is set in a different screen, the game goes like this:

  1. What is your name? You type in your name
  2. When is your Birthday? You enter your birthdate in any format
  3. What do you look like? You are given a very basic drawing pad to draw a colored picture of yourself.
  4. What grade are you? and you choose from the ABCYA PreK to 5th grade.
  5. Who is your teacher? You type in the name of your teacher.
  6. What are you good at? You type in a subject or hobby you are good at.
  7. What do you want to be when you grow up? Type in your fantastic option!
  8. What do you like to do? You are given 7 options to choose from.
  9. What is your favorite color? Choose a color from the choices offered.
  10. What is your favorite food? Type in your choice.
  11. What is your favorite animal? Type in your choice.

After you have answered all the questions, there is a print button that prepares all these questions and answers in a nice collage that tells the world all about “You.” You can print or download a PNG file for printing or sending or using in any graphics app.

Grade: Pre K to 2

Conclusions: A classic all about printout, and delivers a neat page. Highly recommended for new classes to learn about each other.

Alpha Munchies

Grades 2 & Up

Alpha Munchies is a typing program that helps children learn how to use the computer keyboard and gain typing skills. However, this is not your standard game, it is a 1980’s space invaders style game, bringing back the memories of gramps days in the arcade halls.

The player is given a choice of action figures to choose from, using the mouse the player chooses a figure and press go. From the top of the screen space invaders start to fall, but unlike the old arcade game, where you only used the arrow keys to navigate and fire, here each alien has a letter above its ship, and the player has to press the letter to destroy the ship.

There is three fruit on the ground; you have three lives to lose. The game obviously follows the same pattern of rules that the great old arcade games delivered, and that is numbers of aliens coming and the speed at which they come. As the player advances levels the speed and number of letters to be pressed increases.

Grade 2 to 5

Conclusions: WOW! What a winner, what a great game, but then I am old enough to have played the original space invaders when it first came out. On the flip side, WOW what an amazing typing tutor that really brings home the love of learning with action.