Munich is the third-largest city in Germany. It is situated on the Bavarian Alps border and River Isar. It started as a monastery, which later grew into a settlement. The Duke of Bavaria permitted the monks to open a market on the crossing route from the river and Salzburg. Tourists can still see the glorious three old city gates and follow the lines of the medieval walls of Munich. Let’s not forget about the focal point of the city that is the huge open square Marienplatz where every year, thousands of visitors go to witness the animated clock play that happens twice or thrice a day.

Munich is a city full of life known for its big festivals and rich cultural calendar, which is why visiting Munich can be a fun-filled trip that you will forever be stored in your memory. You will find the local festivals much more appealing. Its colorful markets and delicious food will keep you coming back for more every day till the end of your trip.

This post will help you make a list of places that you must see while in the city, so start making notes!

Munich Residenz

Munich Residenz has been one of Europe’s most picturesque palaces. It has been the seat of electors, dukes, and Bavarian kings for centuries. It features seven huge courts. The wide Residenz complex has three sections; the Alte Residenz, facing Residenzstrasse, the Königsbau, fronting onto Max-Joseph-Platz, and the Banqueting Hall, Festsaalbau that offers a view of Hofgarten. The palace grounds feature beautiful courtyards and don’t forget to capture the Court Garden. You will see several ponds and fountains too. There is sp much more to this place, but we do not want to give too much.


You will find Hofgarten between Englischer Garten and the famed Residenz. It is the most beautiful garden you will find in the city, which was built in the 17th century, and it features an Italian Renaissance style. Hofgarten is open to the general public. You can visit anytime from dawn to dusk whenever you feel like taking a stroll. Don’t forget to check out the garden’s center to find the gazebo, or you can just walk freely to admire the perfectly manicured garden. You can pick some of your favorite snacks on the way to the garden so you can sit there and relax while you enjoy your food. You can also hire the best walking tour Munich to cover the area in a more wholesome manner.

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Allianz Arena Stadium

If you are a big fan of sports, you must visit the Allianz Arena Stadium. The stadium has more than just 75,000 seats for viewers who like to watch the two teams of the city performing their best. If we look into the historical aspect, this stadium replaced Munich’s Olympic Stadium after the 2005 – 2006 season. Moreover, in 2006 the world cup finals were hosted in this stadium. Allianz Arena Stadium is admired for its color-changing panels based on the team that is playing and also on the match’s type, i.e., national or local.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church or Peterskirche is a well-known catholic church situated in the Altstadt city center. It is the oldest church in the city. It started in the 12th century. Although the lightning strikes and fire have done some damage to its structure, it stands there in all its glory. The church features a Romanesque-style, and it hosts services several times daily. Once you are in, you will be mesmerized by the inner architecture of the church. Also, don’t miss a chance to climb Alte Peter, a tower that can be accessed after climbing 300 steps. You will see the breathtaking view of Munich from the top.

Eisbach Wave

It is known for being the most surprising attraction that you will find at the heart of Munich. As the name can tell, it is a part of the Eisbach River. It is a mile long, human-made body. The popular Eisbach River flows to the other side of the Englischer Garten. The surprising part about it is that at one point, you will see a standing wave that is about three feet high. The dwellers have been using this spot for surfing and kayaking. If you are not a fan of any of these activities, you can just stand next o the Eisbach wave and watch surfers maintain the balance for as long as possible.

Munich has so much to offer that if you’re on a short trip, you just can’t cover it all in one go, on your own. This is where Munich walking tours come into the picture. You can literally touch all the must-visit attractions of the city in a matter of hours!