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Food Apps for your appetite

Must Have Food Apps for iPhone

Four Must-Have Food Apps for iPhone There are so many options to choose from when reviewing food related apps. Are they recipe sites? Food content calculators? Restaurant guides? Food delivery apps? In...

10 Outstanding AI-Powered Apps For iOS

“In the past 2,000 years, the hardware in our brains has not improved… In the next 30 years, AI will overtake human intelligence,”- Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son. This prediction is not vague,...
iOS sync

Synchronizing Contacts from Your iPhone

One of the biggest concerns that come with owning and using a mobile phone is the contact list that usually takes time to create and, over time, fills with important contacts....
Apple iOS 12

iOS 12 Upgrade Features for College Students

iOS upgrades might seem to deliver the same features for everyone, but when you look at operating systems from a functionality point of view, then the applications of each upgrade are...
mobile spy

Is there a Spy in your PC?

Spy apps are common applications used to either spy on children’s usage of their mobile phones, as tools used by suspicious family members to check their mates, or as tools by...
iOS features

iOS features you should know

iOS No hardware runs without a software. Mobiles are no different. The mobile running software is commonly known as operating systems (OS). The smartphone revolution has seen Android and iOS as the...

Is Spying On Kids A Good Idea?

Spying means to track secretly and collect the information about the activities of the other user. As everything has its pros and cons, so, spy on iPhone, Smartphone also have some...
Bitmoji on the App Store

Bitmoji–Build Your Personal Emojis, Expressive Avatars, Stickers and Moods

All about Bitmoji for iOS This might not be the youngest of apps, but it is an unknown jewel of an app and well worth my while presenting its case to all...
dr.fone How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone?

How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone?

If you lost data from your iPhone, don’t worry you can easily get it back. Following we will give you simple guidelines that will help you recover the lost data from...

How to set iCloud Settings on iOS, and more

One of the biggest advantages that an iOS user can thank for is the iCloud platform. This storage platform from Apple provides a good large backup facility for all your data,...