Adobe Spark Post App

Adobe Spark Post – Ultimate App for Artwork and Photo Editing

Adobe Spark Post This is Adobe’s profile artwork app and is part of the Adobe Spark Suite of apps. Post designed to make your photo edits cleaner, crisper and easier to edit...
Glogster - Student’s PowerPoint Presentation Platform

Glogster – Student’s PowerPoint Presentation Platform

Glogster is a cloud-based (SaaS) platform that is a like a young student’s PowerPoint presentation platform. This software package that is both PC and smartphone/pad compatible allows you to create presentations...
Huawei Mate 20 Lite vs Oppo F9

Huawei Mate 20 Lite vs Oppo F9 Which Is Best

In the technology era of today, there is a majority of mobile fans across the globe who are interested in buying a mobile phone which is equipped with high-end features and... Hacks, Cheats, Game Play Strategies Hacks, Cheats, Game Play Strategies

“It’s all about the gap.” Introduction There is a game, it can be fun and annoying at the same time, but then most games are like that, they are fun when you are...
Best Messaging Apps

The Best 5 Personal Messaging Apps

The five must have personal messaging apps Just for those asking what I mean by personal, I refer to apps that are not designed specifically for commercial purposes. There are a number...


Upon landing for an interview, you are asked to forward your resume. Not having your laptop, what would be the best possible way out? Sneak out your phone from the pocket, access...
Rundogo - The ultimate dog app

Rundogo App–Track your Dog’s Daily Activities and Share

Rundogo Any dog owner will know how a dog schedule is as important as any other home schedule and your dog’s health and care has to be maintained. This is another great...
Android Apps

Best Android Apps for May 2018 These are some of the best apps for Android Smartphones for 2018.
ABCya Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids Review: Best Educational Website and App for Kids

When you have kids and want an educational app, there are many apps to choose from. However, there are the bad, the good and the exceptional. In this review, I will...
DOGO News, review

DOGO News ( )

Dogo News Review Company DOGO means young or small in Swahili; it is the brainchild of Meera Dolasia, the companies CEO, Publisher & Editor. Meera is a CFA as well as having...


Typography Grid: How is it Breaking the Grid Rules Amazingly?

Most of the designers think that typography is just selecting a typeface and choosing the font size that can be regular or bold. However,...