Wednesday, August 15, 2018
ABCya Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids Review: Best Educational Website and App for Kids

When you have kids and want an educational app, there are many apps to choose from. However, there are the bad, the good and the exceptional. In this review, I will...
Wish Cheap Online Shopping App

Wish Cheap Online Shopping App

What Is the Wish App? Wish is a great online shopping app that has risen to fame through its lucrative investment rounds and its unique software package, this company is valued at...

IGTV App–Instagram’s Video App for Long Form Vertical Videos

This is Instagram’s latest addition to video sharing. IGTV is a method to watch long-form vertical. As with all Instagram accounts, it will enable every user to upload their IGTV content. IGTV...
DOGO News, review

DOGO News ( )

Dogo News Review Company DOGO means young or small in Swahili; it is the brainchild of Meera Dolasia, the companies CEO, Publisher & Editor. Meera is a CFA as well as having...
DROPIT - Last Minute Deals

“To press or not to press?” Welcome to DROPIT – Last Minute Deals

“To press or not to press?”,that is the DROPIT question. Welcome to the world of shopping, gaming style. This is the ultimate shopping experience aimed at gamblers or people with nerves of...
Best Messaging Apps

The Best 5 Personal Messaging Apps

The five must have personal messaging apps Just for those asking what I mean by personal, I refer to apps that are not designed specifically for commercial purposes. There are a number...
OfferUp - Craigslist Alternative

What is OfferUp? Best Alternative to Craigslist for Mobile App

OfferUp is an online trading app that was initially launched in 2011 and is a direct competitor to eBay and Craigslist. History OfferUp was founded by Nick Huzar; Arean Van Veelen and has... It’s all about the gap

“It’s all about the gap.” Introduction There is a game, it can be fun and annoying at the same time, but then most games are like that, they are fun when you are...

Zomato App–Find Food Based on In-Depth Reviews of the Menu

Zomato Company For those that are unfamiliar with this app, Zomato is a restaurant searching tool that provides an in-depth owner and customer generated review of the menu, service and overall experience....
Android Appsvideo

Best Android Apps for May 2018 These are some of the best apps for Android Smartphones for 2018.



Scribbles: Simple, Intuitive Drawing for Mac

Loren Brichter of atebits is a diverse app developer with such winners as Tweetie, Tweetie 2 and Letterpress, but he is also the man behind Scribbles. Scribbles,...